Favorite Modification?

SoCal Tom

What's your favorite modification you've done to your trailer? Some little thing that you really appreciate.
I'll start.
I added some low cost solar-motion sensor lights to each side of my teardrop. Now if I have to get up and walk the dog in the middle of the night the light comes on and I can see where my shoes are and make sure there are no snakes. No wiring to worry about, no batteries to replace. Easy Peasy,

R Thomas

Great idea for a forum thread. I am looking forward to following this one.

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Recommended books for Overlanding

We Will Be Free: Overlanding In Africa and Around South A...
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Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide
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frq flyr

Looking forward to this thread! Picked up our first trailer, SoCal teardrop 510xs a couple months ago.

Best mod so far: tempur-pedic topper from Costco, and the perfect fit double sleeping bag from Teton.


Putting a cooler tray on the front of the trailer so I could remove the cooler from the inside of the trailer. Gave me a lot more room inside the tub.


Amateur Adventurist
I used acrylic LED tubes and screwed them to the inside of the perimeter frame rails. They are all in series so if one breaks it’s an easy swap, but the acrylic has held up well. Control module is in the tongue box with the rest of the gizmos.


Good way to get camp light for sure.

No real big mods on mine yet but here is my favorite. dumped the surge brakes and built my own tongue.


SoCal Tom

Another little thing
Command hook over the windows for jackets

Jackets are handy when you need them, blocks light and cold air from Windows while sleeping

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Hillbilly of Leisure
I bought a camp table that is the perfect size to put in the vestibule on my trailer RTT. It has been a great add-on and it's nice to avoid setting stuff in the dirt.

That being said, my favorite mod was to put a different RTT on the tow vehicle and leave the trailer at home.

Recommended books for Overlanding

Steve F

Made some pole tubes, frees up a storage area behind the fridge slide and moves a lot of weight over the wheels and off the tongue.



New member
Nice mod, but for me I would be inconvenienced by being spotlighted while relieving myself at night, when I don't typically bother to walk to wherever you're supposed to.