Fatmap ?


Actually that does look like a kind of cool program, the different tool to analyze the 3D map is really nice.

Major drawbacks:
No KML import/export. The app seems to be focused on "Do all your planning and route making on our proprietary environment!" I have a mass of maps and routes saved in google MyMaps which gives me an actual offline file incase their service ever died (unlikely with google, much more likely with a startup.)
Monthly subscription costs. I don't mind paying a one time fee but I'm not paying $8 a month for a mapping app.
GPX import but no export? Sharing only gives you links to direct other users into the ecosystem. No raw data to transfer to different tools.
A bit buggy. I created and saved some "adventures" to test exporting them but they don't exist. Probably user error, but then the website keeps crashing and I lost my patience for testing.

I think it's pretty, has some cool features, and has potential. But I've seen a enough of these proprietary "Make your own routes and adventures." sites come and go that I need to be able to export outside their ecosystem.

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