Fantasy Dakar 2016


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The Fantasy Dakar 2016 starts on Saturday 2 January 2016 at 16:00 hours CET.

The Dakar Rally takes place in South America (Argentina and Bolivia) and exists out of 14 stages and 1 rest day for each class. Every stage has a "special stage" which counts for the results of the stage and the general classification.

Within the rally we have 3 different classes: bikes, cars and trucks. It is now up to you to create the best team possible. You pick 20 drivers with a budget of 250 million euro. You can pick your team from all different classes, as long as you do not exceed the budget. You earn points per stage and for the general classification.

The game costs 7.00 euro per team and will start with 400.00 euro as minimum amount of prizes. The first prize in the general classification (14 prizes) will be 100.00 euro.

Finally you can win with your friends, colleagues and family 5.00 euro in the sub league classification (5 euro).