Family vehicle Toyota vs Jeep


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Reading through this thread was great. Lots of good points for both sides of the Taco vs LJ Rubi debate. You will get more mileage and dependability out of the Taco (this coming from a guy who has had 3 Jeep XJ's with varying lifts and performance mods and 2 WJ's (still have one of them)). Enjoying the experience of the adventure is the goal, not worrying about reliability and sitting on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere waiting on the tow truck (ask me how I know!). I like to think that I am wiser in my older (read: mature) age and want to focus more on having my family enjoy every aspect of "getting out there", wherever and whenever that is, and not focusing so much on "upgrades" and reliability/maintenance issues. As my two minions grow (almost 8 and 5 now) I find myself looking at double cab mid-sized trucks because the WJ is a pain to pack out with everyone's gear and putting stuff on the roof and on the hitch basket is quite the endeavor. Being able to throw all the stuff and "comfort" items into the back of a Taco or Colorado is definitely on my radar and makes more feasible sense for not having to deal with the "Jenga" or "Tetris" factor that comes with less than mid-sized 4x4 SUVs. I will keep my Jeep for mild overlanding and those tougher rock-related excursions, but a double-cab something will be my daily and trip with the family vehicle. Good luck with things and congrats on moving into this next phase of life...don't blink as it goes by quicker than you can imagine. I seriously can't believe I have an almost 8 year old kid.