Family of Five- Across Central Asia Off-Road in 2019 - from the Russian Far East to England!


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My family of five (kids aged 10, 6 and 4) are presently on our biggest overland undertaking to date - we're driving right across Central Asia this year, much of it off-road. I shipped our 4wd from New Zealand to Russia in late April, and at present we're in Mongolia. I have a website/blog and also make short videos as we travel. So far from this trip I have videos on the relatively unexplored Mongolian North East and a two-part video of us venturing through the Gobi Desert. Just wanted to put this up in case it helps anyone else, especially those contemplating travelling with kids. We are travelling in an extensively off-road prepared Mitsubishi Shogun (aka Pajero / Montero).

My latest short video is here: Gobi Desert
(it's 'part 2', but viewing order is unimportant)

My website/blog is here:

Any Americans considering a Mitsubishi 'Montero' for an overland vehicle build might find my website of some use.


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Great video, Subscribed! It amazes me what y'all can do with videos so far from civilization! I can't even edit one and get it half interesting from the comforts of my home!
Safe travels!

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That's amazing! Would love to hear more about the experience with 3 kids, how you do things day to day, schooling, entertaining them, etc. Basically lessons learned through the adventures.