Fair deal on '01 Ford w/ 7.3l diesel


Hey all,

I was originally after a gen 2 Toyota Tundra, but used they are so darn expensive!

I recently found this:
2001 Ford XL F250 4x4 w/7.3l w/ 85,000 miles on it. Farm truck, two owners, XL work truck model with vinyl interior and bench seat. Super Cab.
New warn hubs, monroe shocks, bald tires. He said he put a new turbo on it a few years back as preventative maintenance.
All maintenance done on time and fluids changed.
Otherwise stock...no chips, tuners, exhaust, etc.

Dent in passenger side super cab door. I would say truck is in fair condition(farm truck). Runs strong though.

He's asking $13,500 for it.

My questions:
What's a fair price? What's a steal for it?
Anything particular I should look for when evaluating this truck?
What upgrades would need to be done to make this an ultra reliable, go anywhere rig? How much am I looking at?

My plan is to put a FWC Hawk camper on it...

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!


I'd say that's a tad on the high side of FMV but given the low mileage and the turbo I don't think it's outrageous. A steal would be somewhere around $10k or below. If the dent is sizeable, that could give you some negotiation room.

I don't have any expertise other than being in the market over the past 12 months for the same truck. Best of luck with the purchase.


I just paid $15,200 for a 2003 F250 Lariat 7.3L diesel with 160,000 miles. 4x4 - 4 door. If that helps.

I suggest using Lucas fuel treatment for your injectors if you end up with it.


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Id say price is fair, considering mileage and everything else. Everything is dependant on your location for sure, price, milage, condition, rust, stone chips, etc.
A few years ago I was driving a 98.5 reg cab cummins, when I saw it for sale I thought it was maybe a 94 or 95 with 500 000 or more kilometers. Curiosity got the best of me when I saw the newer 24valve door emblems and a further look revealed it was a 98.5 with only 140k kilometers (less than 100k miles). This prime example saw about 20% pavement driving, never once saw a carwash, had holes in rockers and cab corners due to our generous salt use in winter and sandblasting from over 100k of dirt roads.

Ive looked around alot at 7.3 trucks and the fact is that they are tough trucks that are getting harder and harder to find in decent shape with under 200k on them. Many guys would jump on something with that low milage. Mostly because the 6.0L trucks have a bad reputation(generally because of what the internet says about them) guys are looking for 7.3's

A fellow co worker has an 01 with almost half a million on it and has hardly done anything but the usual preventative stuff, tires, oil changes, filters, etc. He has just started to need to do things like shocks, a balljoint, axle joints, etc. Its all highway miles but tows a 32ft trailer fairly regularly, has been across most of canada, down south, etc. Believe it or not, he is still on his first break job, plus it has needed one rear caliper.


That seems pretty high for a farm truck that is over 10 years old with XL trim. It seems like OR prices are higher for 4wd trucks. I think you can get a nicer truck if you're spending 13k. Definitely get a 7.3 not a 6.0.

Just my 2 cents. I've owned 4 Power Strokes.


The sealed unit front bearings are a known issue on the FORD the fix which is a conversion to standard bearings/races/hubs etc and is costly.

Turbochargers fail mostly because of lack of idle down to allow exhaust temps to go below 300 deg (f) which in turn allows bearings to coke up and not do their job.


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Did you decide on the truck?

I find it hard to believe that he would replace the turbo before 100,000 miles without it having failed. Just saying, I wouldn't believe him....most of these trucks get 300,000 miles plus on the stock GT38. If you get the truck and would like to do some performance/reliability mods then the following might be for you: 1. DIY Tymar intake, use the donaldson filter or go with the Ford AIS Intake. The factory one isn't all that great, it doesn't seal very well. 2. Programmer or ts style chip. Many people prefer the ts style chip for the 6 position switch on the fly capability. I personally prefer an edge evolution sc/cts or Power Hungry Performance programmer(same as edge, but custom tuned) that way I can run my own diagnostics and check up on the injectors. 3. 4" free flowing exhaust will lower your egt's 4. A locker if you don't have one. 5. Don't forget gauges if you do the performance mods.

Those mods will wake the truck up, but mainly make it more driver friendly. The intake and locker are the most important IMO. If you get it remember to keep track of your maintenance, the injectors are oil driven on these trucks....an oil change wakes them up big time!!!

These 7.3's are extremely reliable, generally the biggest problem you'll have will be the water pump failing somewhere around 200,000 or a line coming loose on the High Pressure Oil Pump(HPOP).

Pictures would help, if it's ragged out there is no way I'd pay 13,500 for it. A 7.3 with less than 85,000 miles is getting hard to find though!
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I have never heard of a turbo being replaced as "preventative maintenance", especially since they are an expensive part. Price seems WAY high, even for a low mileage rig (Still an XL).


I find it hard to believe that he would replace the turbo before 100,000 miles without it having failed. Just saying, I wouldn't believe him....most of these trucks get 300,000 miles plus on the stock GT38.
I was thinking the same thing. Seems premature to replace the turbo, even as a preventative measure. I have about 150k miles on mine and have never had a problem with the turbo. The engine is great right out of the box. Getting those hot exhaust gases out of the engine does wonders in extending engine life. Highly recommend the larger exhaust and an upgrade intake.


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That sounds about right for out here in MT. As long as the inside is in reasonable shape. The replacement turbo does sound a little strange. If you go look at it maybe take a flashlight and look down the intake. See if the turbo is pitted on the vanes of anything. If it is run. I tow with mine, so the 6.0 tranny cooler was first, then exhaust, intake, torque converter lock up mod,fuel filter/tank kit and then a spin on tranny filter kit. The tc lock up was the best free mod I've done! Been running mine for 6 years and has 240k on it, good luck.


Fair Price depends on where you are at..... I paid 13,500 for mine 7 years ago with 140,000 on the clock. I would say with 80k on the clock and a clean car fax you are looking pretty good. But I would negotiate that dent and whatever you can. You get it for around $11,000 + you would be in GREAT shape. As others mentioned before, replacing the turbo for preventative maintenance is questionable. I have 213k on my stock turbo and tranny.

The 7.3L is a bomber motor. You will be happy with it. Make sure you plan on keeping it for a long time since its is a youngster with only 80k on the clock. Good Luck!!!