Factory 4WD/AWD on Ford Transit?


The ford 10 speed is just a 7 speed with another planetary gearset built into it (longer). Best I can tell its no less reliable than the well proven 7 speed. Note that the AWD transit will likely have less ground clearance than the sprinter 4x4. Which can be a good thing, as the sprinter is quite tall to get into. You are also limited on tire sizes due to the smaller wheelwells on the transit.


Factory front swivel seat mentioned but no mention of changes to the rear. It would be amazing if they put the rear seats on a track system so you could slide them forward or back to adjust space and made them so the seat backs could be folded flat forward.


EDIT: MG really had me believing the VW theory...
I know right? Seemed like it made sense. Might just mean a different van model with 4motion may be coming in the future??? Transit Custom like the Europeans have maybe?

I'm excited for the AWD, especially if it is similar to the current Transit and shares parts with other US based vehicles.


Looks like the 3.2L diesel is dead in the water. Sucks for those who bought that engine on hype. The 3.5L ecoboost seems to be where it is at... lots of power and never a shortage of parts because so many F150's have them. I really like that this new Transit is going to use the same engine and transmission as the bigger trucks.