Fabrication shops in SoCal? For winch bumper modification.


Can anyone recommend me a fabrication shop in SoCal, preferably in the San Gabriel Valley? I just bought a ARB 3434040 winch bumper for my '97 gen 2 and need new mounts fabricated as it apparently doesn't fit the USA Monteros frame rails. Not to mention that I have a 2" body lift, as well.





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I would hit up your local welding schools. The instructors won't let the students to fail on your project and any student that gets the opportunity will be far advanced than his/her class mates. These kids are skilled enough and I wouldn't be afraid to give them something different to work on. The plus side is that you don't pay labor...a $20.00 bill in the students pocket goes a long way.


David Klein is great or Nate Howard in Orange

Thanks dos531, I'll contact him when my bumper arrives. I don't know how long it'll take to get here.

Thanks, I have them on my radar already. I'm going to have a swing out rear carrier bumper built by them later this year. His busy schedule permitting.