F550 rear bucket seat options?

Just committed to a Total Composites box build for a 2021 F550. There will be a pass thru from cab to camper box and bucket seats are a must for ease of access. Below are a couple of pictures on the Unbound Freedom backseat. Any ideas on where to source a similar set of seats? Thx!

Anybody know where EarthRoamer sources their rear seats per below? It doesn't look ER uses the factory split '40' side on rear passenger and then sources an identical '40' for the rear driver's side. Both of the rear seats appear to be bucket seats, which leads me to believe that a set of bucket seats will need to be sourced. Where is the question?

My 2022 F550 Lariat is about to be delivered and really need to get this sorted out soon!




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Those are just a set of front seats, bolted in the rear. All it takes is a custom bracket.
Those are just a set of front seats, bolted in the rear. All it takes is a custom bracket.
Alright, about to pull the trigger on rear seating. Ebay has plenty of passenger side super duty bucket seats without seat-belts for about $200 each shipped. Do you guys see any issues with just using passenger side front buckets for both rear seats? The only difference (between passenger and driver buckets) that I can see is that the seat recliner lever is on the right side of the seats. Also, should it be fairly straight forward to use the seatbelts that come with the factory rear split bench for the newly installed bucket seats? In addition, I plan on replacing the vinyl coverings on the passenger side bucket seats to match the black leather of our Lariat build. Thanks in advance!