F350 where do I jack from? / would this plan work?


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F350 where do I jack from? / would this plan work?

Hi all - first truck, so learning as I go.

So I don’t want to spend a ton of $ on a high end jack…

I picked up this 6,000 lb capacity jack - Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack -
(Rig weights 11,300 lbs loaded)
The jack has a height range of 11 inch to 21 inches.
Got the 6,000 lb version.

So my Sidewall height is 6”
Front Axle heights are about 12” or 13” approx.

So if I have a flat, then Axle would be approximately 7” up (maybe a little more due to the tread thickness) correct?

So I can’t get the jack under the axle, when i have a flat…. as it only contracts to 11”

However I always carry some Lynx Levelers with me, so I could easily make a 4” or 5” ramp of Lynx Levelers… drive that flat tire up onto the Lynx Levelers, get jack under the axle, Jack it up, Remove lynx levelers. Swap in the spare tire.
Would all that work?

Secondly…. It isn’t clear to me exactly where I should exactly put the jack. I believe it is “under the axle” but where exactly?
I attached pics of the front and back of my F350. (4x4)