F250 Trail Whale Adventure Build

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Not a great shot, but you get the idea. Light tabs on all 4 corners and in the middle, all wired internally (will get wired to upfitter switch) Tabs for roof rack and mounts for the obligatory traction boards. Dropped nicely into the bed pockets and bolted in. Once it cures for a dead more days I’ll drop the RTT on. Next weekend I’ll attempt the Raptor liner (did all the metal prep today). In other news heard Overland Expo was cancelled (was kind of the build target for this thing). 😞


Looks good man (y)

The Track Supply stuff wants a bunch more time, even with hardener. Directions ask for 24 hours between coats (Who does that?)! Today’s painting took 9 hours before I could handle it (May be time to find a new brand!)
What temps did you paint at? It might be the brand, but an alkyd enamel is pretty much an alkyd enamel.

And the 24 hour wait time between coats is due to the lifting I spoke of. Hardener does help that though.
Out of the can, MANY alkyds are not very second coat friendly. Rustoleum, that I use, is among the worst.

Many of us, myself included, have learned that the hard way.... hours and hours of prep, first coat goes great, then second coat destroys the entire thing....

So proceed with caution. :oops:

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Dude I dig your truck! Nice find and awesome bed rack!

Always loved the look of a single cab super duty. If only I didn't need 4 door!


Sweet bus. :love:

I had a slick little '73 squareback back in the late 90's
Samba was in its infancy back then.... happy to hear its still kickin'

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