F150 in Mexico and Central/South America


I did some checking on the web. Turns out the F-150 is growing in popularity south of the border,plus they sell the 2011/Ecoboost engine equipped F150. Means if I use my vehicle to overland down there, should not have any problems getting it worked on at a local Ford dealer. Just FYI.
Raptor is for sale in several countries too.


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There are lots of Ford pickups in South America. My brother in law has an F-100 (their version of the F-150) with a 1.5L turbo diesel.
Lots of dealers down there. You might not recognize some of the variations of the trucks though.

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Thanks, in Columbia and other parts they are calling them F150s now. They still are selling Diesel Rangers even though rangers are EOL up here.
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My main reason for posting is for those with generation 10 150s (2009 to present), there should be parts in south america if you need repairs. With the economic agreements between countries, shouldn't be a problem getting them shipped no matter which country you are in.
Even the new Ecoboost engine is being sold down there.

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Likely the F150's south of the border are different in subtle ways like emissions and safety stuff among other things. Mexico has ALOT of domestic vehicles due to their protectionist policies in past years (you could only sell vehicles in Mexico if you also made them there and the domestic manufacturers have made vehicles in Mexico for years as have Nissan and Volkswagen). South of Mexico the popularity of domestic vehicles drops off substantially. You'll find them but they are not all over the place like in the US or Mexico so don't take Mexico as an indicator of the rest of Latin America.