F-350 Air Springs

I am ordering an F-350 RC or SC SRW 4WD soon for 2019 and would like to improve the ride both on the street and on washboard dirt roads.

What is/are the best modifications: 1) Larger tire/wheels, 2) Air Springs, or 3) Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension in the rear? 4) How about Kelderman Air Springs in the front? Kelderman front and rear would be quite expensive, so would have to make an extreme improvement.

I had a 2012 SC SRW Diesel and wished it had a softer ride, even with my 3,000# Hallmark camper. With Firestone air bags at about 80 psi things did improve on the street, but washboard was very rough. What approach would you take?


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Carli, or Bds and some King shocks.

Firmer shocks, and hydraulic bump stops may allow softer spring choices.

Do not go over 18" wheel diameter at all cost. 37" Cooper stt's ride well.

Camper ?
A full Carli kit with their airbag system will greatly improve the ride while also allowing you to tow at factory specs when needed.

Kelderman is all show and not suited for off-road.

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I'll 2nd that Kel stinks.

Looked up that camper, a bit heavy. I'd stick to the 2.5" kits. Also consider a set of King coilovers up front, trac bar, caster bushings, and nothing but shocks in the rear. That way you have adjustable ride ht, and can even go up to a 3.0 shock.

If you have the $$$. Put 3.0 triple bypass King shocks on the rear, custom valved for extremely firm rebound. And then use the bypass to soften the rebound. You need a ton of rebound damping for the stiff F350 rear springs. Firestone air bags are still GTG, use a Daystar spring cup for good downtravel.

Filthymotorsports has an hour long youtube vid on shocks. Watch it.
Take the time to watch this video.

From there you'll understand the basics of suspension and how you can make your truck work best for what you use it for the majority of the time. Outside of that intended use you will have to make compromises in ride quality.
Thanks guys,
That video is extremely helpful. Your advice is so much better than what I have seen outside of here.
Give carli a call, sage makes some nice stuff for the super duties. No air lines to leak, bags to brake at the worst time and not electronic controller to fail 1000 miles from home. For tires, you want a sidewall, get a set of 37 inch Toyos on some 17 inch rims, or 18 if you have to get a bigger rim. Run the proper tire pressures! That’s big, give carli a call and they will tell you what to run psi wise... I run 40 front 35 rear, carli recomended.


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You have to stiffen up the damping to smooth washboards. There is no free lunch.

You'll still need some beefy rear springs with the camper.