EZUP 10x10 Camping Cube Comments and Such


That is pretty neat. The setup though seems to be a bit of a pain. Comparable is a large Coleman tent that. That is essentially a pop up

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I already drag around 2 EZUP 10x10's now to the races and beach trips. This might be a cool free standing addition in lieu of a tent set up. I would weight the legs and guy it out.

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I think this would be a nice emergency shelter. A bit more spacious than a tent, but more set up. Lots of stand up area though.


I have a 10x10 for using at the races (infield) and it is way way too heavy to lug around for camping trips.


I have one of these and really nice for quick setup and light weight comparatively: Clam Corporation Quick Set Traveler Shelter


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I have this version: http://www.standingroomtents.com/ .
It works very well for what it is.

It's a cube, so you get full use of the entire square footage.
Headroom is excellent, being able to stand up fully is an underrated experience in a tent.
Setup is quick, it just clips on to the pop-up supports. If your pop-up frame is sufficiently heavy, staking is optional.
This one has 4 doors/windows, which is great in high desert and other hot environments. Lots of airflow.
Also, makes egress/entry easy if the tent is full of cots, etc. Pick the door that's most convenient.
Goes up essentially as fast as your pop-up.
Pop-up frame provides plenty of attachment points for gear.

Cheap pop-ups are inherently flimsy, and the frame provides all the structure.
It doesn't deal well with uneven ground, you need a pretty square, level spot.
Rain is an issue like with all pop-ups if you leave the canopy top on.
The square sides make pretty good sails if the wind kicks up.

We have camped in ours 2 or 3 times a year for longer trips when having more space is important, but we don't want to put up the really big tent.
It can get a little chilly, since there's a lot of space to warm up.
If you regularly camp at established camps, I'd look into it more. I would not consider it for boondocking or unimproved camps.

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I use the 4 door grey "10x10" (really closer to 9x9) standing room tent (~ $200 without the canopy; use caution at least some "10x10" canopies require the user to make leg strap extensions for proper setup and to allow the zippers to work).. other than typical chinese lack of sewing quality issues (and the need for self fabricated leg strap extensions) I would rate it as a good tent.... with better quality and long enough leg straps; it could be a great tent.

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Nice heavy material,
No issues with rain,
Wind during tent setup will usually get your attention no matter what tent you use.
No screen house vented top (zippered top vents instead),.. very much a warmth/shelter advantage in the mountains
4 doors,
Screened top half of the doors (but no plastic windows).
No more stressed back form being bent over in domes!
No crawling/bending double to get in and out of the tent!
Roughly 9' x 9' useable floor space (much better than similar footprint domes)
Set up is best done by 2 adults (although I have set it up and broken it down by myself; tie one leg of the canopy to a tree).

..If I am still camping (getting older every year) when this one wears out I will probably be willing to get another.

I would seriously consider getting a 10 x 20 canopy next time... as it is I will likely fabricate an awning.

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