Extreme 4x4 building more of a Expo truck

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Today and tomorrow building out of a pathfinder. On right now in easter time zone. This is going to be a truck for their camera crew. it is going to get storage drawers an other stuff that would intrest Expo folks.

So Ian are you snooping around here now?
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toyrunner95 said:
so extreme 4x4 is bilding an expedition nissan pathfinder for their camera crew?
Yep. Looks pretty slick with a bunch of built in storage.

Normally Saturday and sunday are the same show. So those that missed it today should be able to watch it tomorrow.

This show was the mechanicals. Truck had a popped motor. End of the show they went over the interior build ideas. Hoepfully next week will get into the inside build.



Now I don't feel so bad for watching extreme 4x4. The concept is nice, but i'll have to see what they end up doing.