extra storage space in JKU ?

Has anyone fund any semi secret storage spaces in the jeep jku? Any one building storage cubbies in conjunction with flat storage over the wheel wells but below the tub?


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I've seen people tow all kinds of trailers (including U-Hauls) behind their JKU's :wings:


Trying to make it through customs eh? I jest (I hope).

Like GetOutThere mentioned there is some relatively usable space in the tub behind the taillights that would be good for emergency items that don't need to take up readily accessible space. There is also some long space where the worthless jack kit is located. There certainly aren't hidden storage areas like what was in my FZJ80, but the lack of plastic fascias does allow for creativity in storage if you aren't intentionally trying to obscure stuff. Honestly, there is a reason why Wranglers look like pack mules when headed out for a long weekend. If you need to take it, find a place to strap it on or drop some coin to accomplish the same thing more elegantly (and slightly more safely).