External Billet Door Locks


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I am interested in buying some extra exterior door locks/bolts and noticed that EarthRoamer have some fitted to their doors. Any idea where these can be bought?


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Thanks Julius but this is not exactly what I am wanting. If you go to the EarthRoamer web page you will see they fit an external type of of bolt lock on each door for added security on the F550.... it maybe something they have made specially and not off the shelf, but just wondered if there was anyone who might have some ideas.


I saw these on the Earthroamers at OX13, and they looked really nice. They appeared to accept a hitch pin lock from a trailer.

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wouldn't the lock scratch the paint away?

the ones I am remembering had a black escutcheon plate with silver fasteners which, when the lock was in place, surrounded the lock and then some to prevent damage to the paintjob.


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I have been thinking about these for my XJ....scratching and scuffing should not be much of a problem since the locks aren't on while traveling....he even has a keeper strap to store the multiple locks on. you can get sets of same key from him. I had planned to use a stick on clear buff guard under the lock area in case of wind and such for extended lock down time. Surprised he isn't offering that as a kit.
Like I said these just say you'll never get thru this before the owner gets back. Plus I think they are very stylish compared to other options I've seen.
I plan to put mesh on my back windows so every thing would have to be pulled out thru the front windows. Should slow everything and everyone down.