Exterior wood finishes


Those of you that have built a sleeper from plywood. What products and procedures did you take from sealing to final paint,
Seal then prime then paint ? If so what type of each etc. Any help and info is appreciated


What s e Charles SAID,I did a teardrop one time an bought 2 gal of 2 part epoxy that they use for boats and cloth to seal the seems,I epoxyed the whole trailer an used the cloth on the seems then let it dry an painted it with an automotive 1 part enamel however it lived outside an although the body part that I put the epoxy on held up well ,water still managed to get between the frame an plywood an started to rot it from the bottom up,once that happens doesn't matter what the shell looks like..


Haven't done any sleep-in, but built lots of plywood trailer boxes. My go to coating is Durabak roll-on bed liner. Adheres great to plywood. Have used it for many year with no problems. Here is a thread I wrote on another forum about a six year in the weather test I did on a Durabak Coated Plywood Test Panel
Nice test. Definitely looking into Durabak now. I do a lot of kayak fishing trips and hammock camping. I’d like a sleeper but im also torn between a small box trailer also


For my build...I used two coats roll-on bedliner for the underside of my wood floor. once I attached it to the frame I sealed the joints with black RTV.

For the sides and roof of Voyager, it is plywood sheet that were given two coats of epoxy prior to me laying up a layer of fiberglass over that. The finish was completed with another coat or two of epoxy mixed with micro balloons to fill in the weave and give it a smooth finish.

Spray primed all of the exterior, sanded a bit. Two coats of color. Two coats of clearcoat.

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