Exterior Lighting. What to use?


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Was looking for a thread on Lights or Lighting. Is there such a thread? With 1001 options out there. What brands do you recommend? My application is front bumper mount. Maybe roof rack too. Prefer round. LED. Not out of control pricing. Flood or combo.


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About as many opinions on that as there are opinions about oil brands and tire brands.

Here's some talk and a bit more here.

I use PIAA 410's (halogen) on my Ram, and used a pair of PIAA 520SMR on my recently sold Montero (halogen) .



Like said above, there are so many options out there, I purchased these on Amazon from LED Kingdom and wired up to my dip switches. Round or Square I think I got these for 35 bucks for the set of four and they are bright as can be. I really like having these on my roof rack and lighting up both sides of the truck. I have Nilights on my wifes Tacoma and they are very bright as well.