ExPo's Lexus GX470 Overland Project


Scott, this is how I have envisioned my lift, but not knowing the details of how to do it. Would you mind providing a bit more detail here?

What upper control arms did you use?
What spacers did you use for the rear air springs?



I also intend to keep the air-rear, and DIY'd a couple of 1.25 spacers (yet to be installed). Did you shim the rear height sensors or adjust the links? The shims seem to be more common, but the links appear to be readily adjustable, unless there aren't enough threads available.

Also very interested in the bump stops that seem to provide some sort of passive limp-mode if a bag fails.


I have not done anything to my suspension yet. I know about “tricking” it via the sensors, but I also get the impression that may cause problems stretching the bag too much with articulation. The idea of a spring spacer that gives the same lift but doesn’t stretch the bags seems a smarter way to go, but I’m not actually sure if that is what he is talking about or not.

Montana Cruiser

I love the idea of retaining the factory air bags as well. I'd love some more information on the air bag spacer and adjustment to the height sensors. Thanks in advance!


I don't think you'll have much luck getting a reply. Expedition portal hasn't commented on their own build thread in a year and a half..... Clearly this forum is not their priority.
Very disappointing, as I always like to see GX builds for ideas and inspiration. At the same time...I can understand the interest in playing with shiny, new things.