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Tim and Kelsey get lost..
This week we head through Brazil to the famed Transpantaneira Highway to go looking for Jaguars and Cayman!


Tim and Kelsey get lost..
90 muddy miles with 122 wooden bridges.

Really, it wasn’t all that bad, but a part of my brain told me “Hey, you’re in Brazil, going over bridges that you’d never trust normally, sliding next to a marsh filled with Caiman and you drove here from Arizona. What the hell?! Hahaha”

It doesn’t always hit you. A lot of the trip is just happening and unfolding before you without it feeling like some amazing or pivotal experience. It’s just life. That being said, there are these moments. These moments where you start to chuckle like an insane person. Where the office dwelling, weekend adventuring you, see’s the current you in rubber boots, at some exotic location trying to speak Portuguese and just finds it all hilarious.

So, here is this weeks adventure.



Tim and Kelsey get lost..
We make our way from the muddy jungle to the worlds largest waterfall with some beautiful stops on the way. Oh yah, we also talk firearms with the nice gentleman who walked into camp with a pistol in his belt telling us to leave. 🤣

Join us as we discover what random Brazil has to offer.

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We make it to the largest waterfalls in the world, Iguazú Falls. Join us as we explore the Brazil side of this natural wonder.


Tim and Kelsey get lost..
This week we enter Argentina and go from pine forest camping to the hottest part of the country in summer.