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Rust does a body good.
I suppose Ill put mine up here.

Year: 2006
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Drive train: 4WD
Transmission: 6pd
Mileage: 120,000
Color: Solar Yellow
Tire Size: 285 75 R16
No build thread as of yet but Ill get one going once I get started building it.




Bought mine less than a month ago, still has the temp plates and I have spent many days off road and in the wilderness already and it's stock except for removing the basic stuff and adding a PML and cargo net. (edit 2015: tons of mods now, but no build thread yet)

Year: 2001
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Drive train: 4WD
Transmission: Auto :(
Mileage: 118,000
Color: greenish
Tire Size: stock for now

Once I get some 32" tires and other stuff I might make a build thread, I'm planning on driving to South America once I build it for travel in about a year and a half.

Recent pics:

Trip to Baja:

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Here is mine - basically stock. I find it plenty capable as is.

Year: 2007
Model: Xterra
Drive train: 4WD
Transmission: Auto
Mileage: 67,000 and counting


BFG All Terrain T/As in stock size.
Shrockworks sliders.
Gobi rear ladder
DepHep roof rack
Rear diff skid.

2012_11_Death Valley_1 196.jpg
2013_3 Agua Caliente 032.jpg


Year: 2011
Model: Titan
Trim: Pro-4x
Drive train: 4WD
Transmission: Auto
Mileage: 30,000
Color: Solar Black
Tire Size: 295/70R18
Mods: ARB Deluxe Front Bumper with Warn M12000 Winch and Anzo 24" Rugged LED Bar, Reunel rear bumper with integrated 2" hitch and PIAA reverse lights, Rocky Road Rock Sliders, PRG extended travel suspension kit including SAW front coil overs with 700lb Eibach Springs and PRG UCAs etc., Rear 5125 Bilstein shocks with 2" PRG block, RC rear traction bars with PRG heims, Hi-Lift extreme mounted on utilitrack bed rail

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Username: b00ster
Year: 2011
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro-4x
Color: SuperBlack

-installed Sirius Satellite Radio
-installed Yaesu FT-2900 2M Amateur Radio

-deleted OEM mud flaps
-Maxterra Rear Bumper with tire carrier

-Volant CAI (HowTo thread): http://www.thenewx.org/forum/showthread.php?p=937105#post937105

In-the-Works / "Someday" Mods:
-rear diff breather mod when I have a few minutes
-skids and sliders when the budget allows
-probably give her some new shoes, too, when the budget allows
-something along these lines: http://www.thenewx.org/forum/showthread.php?t=53422
-interior bike rack setup
-probably lift her a couple of inches. I'm thinking spacers / leaf pack.

Comments: Since this is going to be my daily driver (I mostly take the bus to work, but you get the idea) I won't be going to crazy with it for a while. In the end, it may never become a serious beast like some of the trucks on here but more of an expedition-style vehicle for getting me to places in support of many of my other hobbies.


With my old girl when I picked it up:

Got it dirty!

Found a friend.

Break-in period is over!

Stand out in a crowd

First real mod:

Snow Day!!:

2m Amateur Radio Antenna Mount (I couldn't bring myself to cut a hole in the roof):


MaxTerra Rear Tire Carrier / Tough Mudder Clothes Drying Rack:



New member
Year: 2010
Model: Frontier
Trim: Pro-4x
Drive train: 4WD
Transmission: Auto
Mileage: 70,000km
Color: knight armour
Tire Size: 285/75/16 Duratracs (winter) 255/85/16 BFG KM2 (summer)

CVT Mt Bachelor RTT
Shrockworks Front winch bumper w rad skid
Calmini Rear pre-runner bumper
Heftyfabworks Sliders and skids
Shrockworks diff skid

PRG titan uppers
Titan lowers
Titan CV's
SAW w remote res
M205 3 fin
PRG SS brake lines
Power stop slotted and drilled rotors

Alcan custom Leaf springs w/ 4" lift
Bilstein 5125 shocks
Boxed lower shock mounts

Alien 20" LED light bar
Smitybilt XRC 8 Comp winch
TJM Recovery strap
TJM Portable air compressor
Safari Style Snorkel

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@ humz..... :drool:

That Frontier is gorgeous!

And rocking the CVT tent is pretty awesome too. I just picked up one of those myself.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.


Yep,that's a scratch.
Actually you have it backwards, the reason resonators are added is to reduce the harmonic pulses at certain RPMs caused by the fuel detonation. Its called the helmholtz resonance. Each time a cylinder fires, it creates a harmonic pulse back through the throttle body. If not designed correctly, especially in engines that are 2 or 4 cylinders, you can feel these pulses of air being pushed out the intake. This causes flat spots in the torque at higher RPMs.

Someone a while ago had a dyno sheet of a before and after, i think back in the XOC days of yore, it increased torque at lower RPMs but lowered the overall torque at higher rpms.
Works for me since most of my off road is low speed and they'd be in the way of my future snorkel.


Allergic to Pavement
Nice to see a few familiar faces in this thread over here at ExPo...Ron, Garrett, Matt, Jeff H...a nice mix of Xterras, Pathy's, Titan's, Fronty's...very cool.

Mel...a real shame you had to part with your X, but mad respect for your big picture goals...a noble effort my friend. You'll own another off road beast for sure, as karma will shine warmly on your future endeavors.

The Xterra I own:

2005, Money Pit Edition, Avalanche

S Model, 4x4

Right now, 199,xxx miles on the clock. Bought used in 2009 with 109,xxx miles, so a solid 90K in the last 4.5 years.

A list of a few things upgraded/replaced:

-ARB rear locker with compressor
-Re-geared to 3.36, front and rear
-Titan Swap with PRG extended axles
-Radflo 2.5 coil overs with 1/2" spacers
-Bilstein xtended travel 5100 shocks
-Alcan rear leaf springs with PRG adjustable shackles
-OR Wheels
-BFG A/T KO's, 285/75/16
-Staun tire deflators
-Shrockworks front bumper
-Shrockworks rear bumper with tire carrier and Hi Lift mount
-Shrockworks radiator, engine, transmission, and transfer case skid plates
-Shrockworks rock sliders
-Xoskel roof rack
-Hella 700's in the front bumper, and 550's on the roof rack
-K&N air filter
-Viair 400P portable compressor
-Cargo area mounted PT-10 Powertank CO2 system
-Kenwood TM-742a Tri-Band Ham Radio (mounted under driver's seat with detachable face mounted in coin tray)
-Realistic CB radio with Firestik antenna...this was my CB when I was a kid
-ARB 50 quart refrigerator with custom built ToroDesigns Rack

A few pics of the journey:

The day after I picked it up used, Dec. 2009

goneMOAB 2010

CANVAZ 2011...between a rock and a hard place

A little more confidence...goneMOAB 2011

Road trip to Moab, Thanksgiving of 2011, just Alex (my son) and I...one of my favorite pictures from Fin's N Things trail

goneMOAB 2012, Steel Bender trail with Aaron Pennell spotting and his wonderful wife Natalie snapping photos

More 2012 goneMOAB, photo by my friend Alex Racine/KUMA

Near Landsburg, California, 2012, exploring the Burro Schmidt Tunnel and Last Chance Canyon with my son

2012, USFS Adopt A Trail Program on 2N02, near Baldwin Lake/Rattlesnake Canyon/Big Bear, California, running with SCCX and the love of my life, Daphne, at the wheel

Running The Mojave Road with SCCX in April of 2013, a great trip and the first run for my ARB fridge

Shot of my cargo area with the custom rack designed and built by Danny Preciado/ToroDesigns, a good friend from SCCX

Some recent shots from February 2013 when my fiancee, Daphne, and I ran to Arizona to pick up my custom Xoskel roof rack

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