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I have seen this in a few other manufacturers sub-forums here and I thought it might be a good idea to have a running registry of the Nissan trucks that frequent this section. That way anyone who is new or researching vehicles can easily browse through what people have done here and have easy access to build threads,

Ill Start

Year: 2001
Model: Xterra
Trim: SE
Drive train: 4WD
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 220,000 KM
Colour: Silver
Tire Size: 235 85 R16
Modifications: 1.5" lift (sway away torsion bars, custom leaf pack, extra 500lbs capacity), Rigid dually LED lights, custom skid plates for engine/transmission/transfer case
Link for Build Thread: http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/79780-Mortonm-s-2001-Xterra-Build
Three Pictures:

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As promised. Here's my build thread directly from XTERRA Nation. :)

/CODENAME: Blackout
/YEAR: 2004
/MODEL: SC (Supercharged)
/COLOR: Black
/ODO: <74,500
/LOCATION: Lexington, Kentucky
/INSPIRATION: Casper (FIRST GEN), ChrisHaynes (SECGEN), Skatchkins (FIRST GEN), Oz (SECGEN)
/GOAL: To make it Off-Road Capable, but not specifically for Off-Roading/Rock Crawling. I'm going mostly for the Expedition, Survival, Overlanding kind of vehicle. I also am wanting to buy another vehicle so I don't have to put stress onto my X.
1.) ARMOR:
-ARB Safari Bumper ($1300)
-White Knuckle Off Road Sliders ($500)
-Lobo Rack ($20)
-(On The Way) GOBI Stealth Rack ($1350)
-(On The Way) GOBI Stealth Tool Box (Free with Gobi Rack)
-2.5 Rancho Suspension ($1400)
-Rancho UCAs (Came with Rancho SL)
-33" Cooper STTs ($1250)
-Nissan XTERRA SC Rims (OEM)
-Painted Plastics, Grill ($30-$40)
-Door Vents/Visors ($25)
-(On The Way) GOBI Passenger Side Ladder
-Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier
-Skid Plates
-New Rims & Tires whenever my STTs die on me (4 years running!)
-UPGRADE MY RADIO! I still have the Rockford Fosgate CD Player.
-HID Conversion
-Gas Canisters
-Water Canisters
-Dual Battery
-Bug Guard/Rock Deflector
-ARB Air Locker
-CB Radio
-Cell Phone Booster
-Shorter Antenna
-Gun Holster drilled in by shifter knob
-Herculine the Hood, Sliders, Rocker Pannels
-Fender Protectors
-Shovel, Axe, Hi-Lift Mount
-Inflatable Jack
-Roof Top Tent (RTT)
-Light Mod
-Tie Downs
-Storage Boxes/Drawers
-Cold Air Intake (Nismo, Volant, K&N)
-PIAA 540s, IPF, or Lightforce Lights
-Paint the SC Rims
-Spot Light
-Integrated AR Rack
-Stuffing Phone Books inside the doors for bullet-proof resistance (Might not work well with River Crossings)

VERSION 1.0________________________________________________

VERSION 2.0________________________________________________

VERSION 2.5 (CURRENT)________________________________________________

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Year: 2011
Model: Xterra
Trim: PRO4X

Drive train: 4WD
Transmission: 6MT

Mileage: 37,000 Mi
Colour: Silver
Tire Size: 265 75 R16

-Blue Torch Fab rear diff cover
-wet box delete
-full roof rack by me
-custom Colorado body work!

Planned Modifications:

[]-CB install - parts in, waiting for install and test.
[]-Full Hefty skids. Eng. and Trans. ordered 2/21
[]-Sliders, by me
[]-Rear bumper, by me, full tube
[]-Front bumper, by me, full tube
[]-ENGO 10K winch
[]-Blitzpro alley lights. Have, need to mount.
[]-Blitzpro reverse/work lights. Have 1, need another, and mounted.
[]-Pro Clip USA dash mounts for cell phone and Navi Note 8. Tablet mount and holder ordered, 3/18
[]-Roofrack v. 2.0
[]-OME 1.5"HD front coils
[]-2" rear add a leaf
[]-285/75-16 somethings
[]-4.10's and front ARB
[]-Rear cargo drawer setup. Acquiring parts

Link for Build Thread: TBD

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Year: 2002
Model: Pathfinder
Trim: SE
Drive: 4x4
Transmission: Auto
Miles: 98,000 and climbing
Color: Bright Silver
Tires: 245/75r16 Toyo Open Country AT-IIs

Mods: Leveled OME Med-Duty lift (Mild front springs and MD rears with 1" 4x4Design spacer), KYB GR-2s in front, Bilstein 4600 rear, 4x4parts full skidplating kit, Rigid Dually Spots and pod flood lights, Warn Premium Manual Hubs, Magnaflow 18" muffler with custom tip, limo tint, several roof rack configurations, AVS window vent visors, K&N filter, Mobil 1 Synthetic, Kenwood DPX-500BT Headunit (bluetooth, ipod, cd, and radio), all LED interior lighting, Draw-tite trailer hitch, thermometer, sleeping platform, and camping and recovery gear. Also, blacked out grille and badges, yellow fog light covers, mudflap removal, running board removal, random restoration, and cleaning cleaning cleaning. :snorkel: Plus that VQ35DE mojo.

My Build Thread


(pre mudflap removal)
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Weekender41's 2001 Pathfinder

Year: 2001
Model: Pathfinder
Trim: SE 3.5
Drivetrain: 4WD
Transmission: Automatic
Miles: ~150,000
Color: They call it tan, or beige, or champagne...not sure what is correct
Tire Size: Rolling on them 28's! 255/60R16.

Modifications As of Now:
2" Automotive Customizers lift, 1" NX4 Spacers up front, Bilstein 5165 remote reservoir 10" travel, RockyRoad Super-Sliders,
2 skid plates that cover everything from front cross-brace to end of transfer case from 4x4parts, Rola Vortex roof basket w/ extension sitting on custom feet mounts,
Warn manual locking hubs, Homemade drawer unit with 2 drawers and a shelf, Rigid Industries D2 flood pattern with amber covers, Wet Okole front seat covers,
Jackson Autosport 'Missing Link', Fourtreks Skid Washers.

Inexpensive Mods:
Black OEM Rims, Black Grille, Black pattern on hood, added grip tape to sliders, changed all the lights except headlights and rear turn signals to LED, super bright headlight bulbs,
Removed both sway bars, removed rear bumper (have appointment with CBI Offroad-Fabrications to build a rear tire carrier), custom mounted mudflaps, removed front mudflaps,
added clearance to front bumper, removed rear seat bottoms and head rests to make back flat, window cell phone mount, added anchortrax to rear side panels with O-rings.

And to the Photos
The day I got it

One photo from my week long trip to Durango and surrounding area. Visited all the major passes

After lift

After Drawer build. Can see no bumper and ghetto mudflaps
Pathy Rear Open.jpg

How she sits now :)


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Is there a high demand for sliders or bumpers on Pathys? Nice nods btw. I want drawers badly.

Drawers are actually pretty easy to make, just takes some planning. I made a mistake on mine but I can live with it. As for bumpers, yes. Most pathfinder owners I know
want either a front or rear bumper or both. Many don't like the style of ARB sahara bar because of how low it sits. Many go to make their own but find because of the
washer fluid reservoir they have to make the bumper sit lower than they want, many people I know who made their own wish a few aspects could be different. Some
people go custom and they love them. To put it this way, there is a high demand in the small market. Not many own pathfinders and of those that do, even fewer modify
them. As for sliders, I think most go buy the Rocky Road Outfitters sliders or supersliders for them. They are stout and work okay but are lacking enough sticking out to
be a good step. The only other option is custom or homemade. If there were more options many would buy bumpers front and rear and if sliders stuck out further than
RRO and cost the same...bingo. The bumpers from TAG look terrible and the company is sketchy as all hell and the one front bumper from ARB is to big IMO. I know if I
could find a reasonable front bumper that I could finally but my winch in (its been sitting in garage for a while) then I would go for it.

-Sorry for long response


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Not a Nissan owner anymore, but I thought I could share a couple of pics of my old Nissan Terrano (based on 1st gen Pathfinder frame).
  • 2004 Nissan Terrano LWB
  • ZD30 3.0 Turbo Diesel 154hp
  • 3" suspension lift with custom made coils, Sway-A-Way torsion bars and UCA spacers
  • 265/70R16 tires (Cooper STT on ROH alloys for offroad and Dunlop Grandtrek on 8x16 Nissan Patrol GU steelies for DD)
  • Aircargo rails attached to the roof as base for custom made roof rack
  • RTT
  • AFN winch bumper with 9.5k winch with radio and cable remote
  • Win XP based CarPC system with 7" touchscreen and back up camera
  • AVM manual hubs
  • AFN skid plates for engine, tranny and t-case
  • Gibson G-Force Airflow snorkel

Sold it in 2010

Maybe I find some pics of the MK Patrol I used for travelling before the Terrano. Had a 2.8 6-cyl. Turbo Diesel (RD28T), home made snorkel, custom leafs with 4" lift, 255/85R16 Cooper ST's on 6x16 Toyota steelies, a basic sleeper conversion in the back and a homemmade rear bumper with detachable motorbike rack.


My turn!

2003 Frontier Crew Cab short bed
3.3L VG33ER Supercharged V6
121k miles
Gray interior, Sand Dune exterior
Factory 6 spoke 16 inch wheels

Yakima LoadWarrior Roof rack
Intake resonator delete
Xoskel LoPro light bar with 4 8" ProComp lights
AC steering stabilizer kit
AC idler arm brace
AC HD tie rod adjusters
PML front lift
OME medium duty rear springs
AC 1.5" rear shackles
eBay snorkel
235/85R16 Hercules Terra Trac D/T tires
ARB bull bar

Replace ARB bar with Shrockworks bumper
Superwinch X9 winch
Custom rear bumper with dual swing outs
Cascadia RTT
Front Runner RTT bed rack
More lighting
Rear ARB air locker
ARB onboard compressor
TruckFridge or Indel B fridge
Custom rock sliders
Shrockworks skidplates
Rear tool chest
Dual batteries
Dedicated Bluesea aux fusebox
Possibly upgrade to 255/85R16 tires or a true 32" 235/85
Possibly upgrade to a bit more lift

Day 1




wreckdiver...that last photo I like the most! that's some pretty good snow.
Thanks! It sure was a blast. And a big event! (Check my thread if you haven't already) We were in the Pryors, relatively close to your neck of the woods. Speaking of which, I just noticed you hang your hat in Wyoming. Whereabouts?


User: jhughes3281
Make: Nissan
Year: 2013
Model: Frontier SV 6MT 4X4
Color: silver

This is my second Frontier, and being that the last one was more of a prerunner, I am going a different route than what I did last time. Being that my wife does not really care for the desert but more for the mountains, and I just want to be outside having a good time, I am building more of a trail rig. It will serve as our camping, hunting, weekend errand, and overlanding chariot.


  • Weathertech floor mats
  • CB radio
  • Upgrade the stereo in some way
  • Sliders that are sitting in my garage and need to be burned on
  • Craven Speed stubby antenna
  • Rigid 40in LED light bar
  • Baja Designs 6" HID spots
  • Skids
  • Custom front plate/tube bumper combo
  • Custom rear bumper
  • Winch of some sort
  • Soft topper
  • Absolutely nothing as of right now...
  • Titan front diff w/ 4.10's from the old build
  • re-gear and lock the M226
  • Absolutely nothing as of right now...
  • PRG Titan Swap UCA's
  • Dirt King Fab Titan LCA's
  • Either: 2.5 Radflo C/O's or King 10" C/O's w/ remote resi's from the old build.
  • Either: Radflo smoothies or King 16" smoothies with remote resi's from the old build
  • Deaver 10-pack race leafs and PRG extended shackles from the old build
  • Radflo 2.0 Hydro bumps on all 4
Tires & Brakes:
  • Stock 16's with Long Trails crapola
  • Not sure yet
  • Custom Magnaflow dual 2.25 in single 2.5 out from the old build
  • Volant CAI
  • Doug Thorley long tubes from the old build
  • Doug Thorley B pipes w/ resonators from the old build
  • Uprev tuned
  • 48 in hi-lift jack
  • Cooler that fits perfectly behind my seat
  • Custom drawer system in place of the jump seats
  • Who know what other crap I can find

Here is the day I brought her home.

A few weeks later deer season started. Although I got amazing views, it really reaffirms that the Long Trail stock tires are crap, and I sliced the inner sidewall on a fire road. Unsure of what I want to do, and that I didn't want to drop the coin yet for new tires and wheels, I just replaced the stock tire.



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Thanks! It sure was a blast. And a big event! (Check my thread if you haven't already) We were in the Pryors, relatively close to your neck of the woods. Speaking of which, I just noticed you hang your hat in Wyoming. Whereabouts?
Mostly in Cheyenne and Laramie area. I go to Centennial a lot as well (has ski area and some amazing trails to check out). I have been to pretty much every city/town/dot in the map in the state though.

HOOOLY MOOOLEYYY I just checked your thread THATS AWESOME!!! CONGRATS BIG TIME! see, that just made ExPo that much cooler! I am happy for you two :)