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I'm thinking of going with the Curt hitch from Amazon and then ordering the wiring harness from G-wagen accessories. I doubt I will ever be towing anywhere near 5k lbs and the 7k VKS hitch is overkill for my needs and an expensive pill to swallow considering the price of the Curt ($200 vs $680 + shipping)


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Got my 09 G550 in November, and have outfitted it a bit so far. Slimline II rack, Tepui Kukenam tent, Front Runner awning, BFG KO/2s, steel bumper and hitch (for carrying my motorcycle most of the time). It has a fancy ladder too but I need to figure out how to re-tighten that as the top has come loose-ish.

Love it so far. So capable, so comfortable, beautiful.


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Hi sdw, can you tell me more about how you gonna carry your motorcycle on the hitch. I have a similar configuration, i.e. a G Wagen and a BMW Urban GS I want to carry, but haven’t found the ideal hitch and carrier yet.


Just picked up my 2012 G550. Was lucky to find a Gwagon in Colorado that had some proper equipment. Hit some light trails in San Isabel NF earlier today.

2012 G550
Hannibal Safari roof rack/ladder
Hannibal Safari awning
Rigid light bars on front and rear
Warn 9.5 xp-s winch
I am unsure who made the front and rear bumpers.


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Just brought my 2011 G55 home. Bone stock. I'll fix that.

@Yarjammer you mentioned above a VKS hitch that was good for 7000k lbs. Do you have a link to it? I was unable to find it after a bit of googling.

I'll be installing my first mods next week, time to clean my garage up a bit to get ready for a serious wrenching session. Have Ohlins shocks and OME springs on the way to fix the outright awful ride of a stock G55. Other than the ride, I'm absolutely loving it.



I went with 35" KM3's on some craigslist 18" wheels. I really like them, too bad they don't make a 37-38" version for the 16" Huthinson's I am going to upgrade to when I install my portals. Not sure what tire I am going to use next but the KM3 is surprisingly quiet for such an aggressive tire.


Hi everyone, I have a 1992 230 GE with a high roof hardtop, ex-Swiss Army with 30k miles on it.

Converted it to a. Camper to pass the time, while our Unimog was built.

Will post some interior pictures in the Camper section later. Before and after pics:


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