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I'm thinking of going with the Curt hitch from Amazon and then ordering the wiring harness from G-wagen accessories. I doubt I will ever be towing anywhere near 5k lbs and the 7k VKS hitch is overkill for my needs and an expensive pill to swallow considering the price of the Curt ($200 vs $680 + shipping)


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Got my 09 G550 in November, and have outfitted it a bit so far. Slimline II rack, Tepui Kukenam tent, Front Runner awning, BFG KO/2s, steel bumper and hitch (for carrying my motorcycle most of the time). It has a fancy ladder too but I need to figure out how to re-tighten that as the top has come loose-ish.

Love it so far. So capable, so comfortable, beautiful.


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Hi sdw, can you tell me more about how you gonna carry your motorcycle on the hitch. I have a similar configuration, i.e. a G Wagen and a BMW Urban GS I want to carry, but haven’t found the ideal hitch and carrier yet.


Just picked up my 2012 G550. Was lucky to find a Gwagon in Colorado that had some proper equipment. Hit some light trails in San Isabel NF earlier today.

2012 G550
Hannibal Safari roof rack/ladder
Hannibal Safari awning
Rigid light bars on front and rear
Warn 9.5 xp-s winch
I am unsure who made the front and rear bumpers.


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Just brought my 2011 G55 home. Bone stock. I'll fix that.

@Yarjammer you mentioned above a VKS hitch that was good for 7000k lbs. Do you have a link to it? I was unable to find it after a bit of googling.

I'll be installing my first mods next week, time to clean my garage up a bit to get ready for a serious wrenching session. Have Ohlins shocks and OME springs on the way to fix the outright awful ride of a stock G55. Other than the ride, I'm absolutely loving it.



I went with 35" KM3's on some craigslist 18" wheels. I really like them, too bad they don't make a 37-38" version for the 16" Huthinson's I am going to upgrade to when I install my portals. Not sure what tire I am going to use next but the KM3 is surprisingly quiet for such an aggressive tire.