Expo East Rovers


Let’s go already!
If any of y'all are at Expo East, can you tell the... uhh..."gents" in the black D90 soft top and the RRC the speed limit?

I understand this may be the first "off roading" that they have done, but tearing up the site, splashing mud, and possibly losing control on slick as snot paths are not optimal.


Perhaps you could approach them in person or let the event staff know instead of posting here. May be a bit more effective if you're truly concerned

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How was it? I'm quite bummed that I couldn't go! Wedding, ten year high school reunion, a food distribution trade show... Not really sure if I could have fit more into a weekend haha


now, i'm looking forward to stories at URE12 shane.

we had a great time at MAR - wet as all hell but that was expected and with the huge bonfires, totally enjoyable.


It was so so. Doesn't really look like their bad weather planning helped much, but given how much rain we got, I'm not sure any planning would have helped.

Be rolled out once they closed all the driving related classes.