Exploring Talladega National Forest: Skyline Dr July 2013


Just moved to Anniston AL and figured I'd start exploring whats near by. Most of it is new to me, however I had done trips through Talladega National Forest on various roads including the Skyline Drive trail in the past.

saw plenty of wildlife. driving was tame dirt roads through the Bain's Gap, the WMAs, and for the northern most half of the Skyline drive trip. I have done the trail before in my former Land Rover but that was a few times well over a year ago. Halfway down the trail things started to go from flat dirt road to small wash outs, then to bigger washouts and rocks, then to big rocks and big washouts. Mother nature then began to pour down rain onto the trail while I was in the southern half's rough portion.

I spent alot of time clearing big logs out of the roadway and using a hatchet to cut down half dead branches laying in the trail.

90% of the pictures are in the northern half of the trail, which was very tame, including the flexing photo. one things got a little more tricky, the rain came down so I was done taking photos since I was alone.

it was a good time. I wish the weather was nicer and I had another truck with me. I gave the front skid plate a nice hit, which hit near one of the mounts so it didnt crumple. I also got a nice scuff from a log popping up and slapping the side of my truck, but it will buff out without a problem.



Bigassgas Explorer
Looks like a fun trip through the woods with no shortage of animals to watch. The turkey running across the road almost looks like a running dinosaur. Did you eat any of the crawfish? Nice truck too waytogo.gif

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