Exploring our way around Oregon

We're making a run along the coast from San Diego to Port Angeles,Wa in late September. Students should be in school and high pressure should keep the sun out we hope. Really a beautiful state.
Late September is one of my favorite times here, especially on the east side of the cascades the weather is epic and there aren’t all of the tourists!

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Can you elaborate more on these conservation projects? My girlfriend and I both have jobs that afford us a significant amount of time off, and we love working hard outdoors.
The two we took part in this year I found out about through the backcountry hunters association Facebook page. Both were data collection, one was for ODFW sage grouse counting, the other a private group WAFLS which was the owl counting. Both are a 1-2 time a year in the spring event.

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Recommended books for Overlanding

Dreaming of Jupiter
by Ted Simon
From $16.04
Overlanding the Americas: La Lucha
by Mr Graeme Robert Bell
From $20
Dog (and wife) visited me at work. It has been a particularly long couple weeks with lots of overtime but we are leaving town tomorrow for several nights again.

We are also almost done editing our video from our last trip to central Oregon.

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New video, we spend 4 days trying to find the best camp site in Central Oregon. We encounter locked gates, dead ends and human feces!

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Hole in the Ground near Fort Rock is actually a pretty cool spot to spend an evening. Found it on iOverlander.