Exploring BC's Fraser Canyon & Nahatlatch Valley


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Hey Overlanders!

Itching to try out our new roof top tent, we packed up the kids and headed up the British Columbia Fraser Canyon with Nahatlatch Valley being our destination. Along the way we visited the old Alexandra Bridge and the old Hells Gate tunnel (both very cool, btw) before arriving at Nahatlatch for a night of camping on the lake. After a restful night in the tent we headed out to a roaring Grizzly Falls, found the Trapper's Cabin and finished off at the Fire Lookout. Great weekend!

Check out the HD video here:

Cheers! ~ Paul.


Nice! Thanks for posting. I enjoyed the video. I spent a weekend up at Nahatlatch a few years ago. It is beautiful up there. We took a FSR that connected up to the Harrison east road on the way back. It was very scenic too.


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