Experience with black AT Overland Atlas or Summit


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Hi Everyone_

Somewhat new here and starting to build out a truck/camper for my family of three to camp and explore the western US. I currently have an Atlas on order and am trying to decide on color. I’d prefer to go with a matte black for the camper as it will look nice with the color way of my truck which is a desert sand\black 2 tone.

Given that we live at high elevation in Utah and spend quite a bit of time in the desert, I’m concerned that black will be bad call and cause the camper interior to be hotter than if we went with a different color. I know the campers are insulated and I see quite a few black AT campers around this forum.

Does anyone have any experience and care to share a prospective? Does exterior color of these campers have a noticeable impact on interior temps?

Thanks in advance.

Color absolutely has an effect on inside temps. The white topper on my Dodge was much cooler than the dark blue one on my current Chevy. Somewhere here there was discussion about the location of the color. IIRC, the most benefit was with a white roof, the sides were negligible. You might try a quick search for the thread.