Expeditions West: FZJ80 Land Cruiser


Sweet - if you EVER want to rid yourself of the jerry can swingout, give me a holler!!!! You really do want to put a different rear bumper on there for a better departure angle don't you? :sombrero:



I'm guessing those Long Ranger tanks are hard to get and I suspect that CARB would frown at them (because they like to frown at things).


damn almost quarter million miles to start with? how long do you anticipate to drive it till?

Christian P.

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damn almost quarter million miles to start with? how long do you anticipate to drive it till?
Another quarter million. It's a Land Cruiser!

I am leaving for Panama with it in a couple weeks. I'll make a more formal announcement later today...


Scott Brady

This truck drives like it has 60,000 miles on it. One finger at 90 mph on Mex 1 passing truckers amped on speed - no problem.

Phase One has begun! Thanks to Adventure Trailers and their new Habitat mastery, we were able to address storage, lashing, security and a fridge mount in about 30 minutes. It even keeps one of the third-row seats super cool.

Mario at work:

Here is a beauty shot: Lots more from Christian in the next few days.


Why didn't you guys remove the passenger side third row seat? It is just taking up space and adding extra weight at this point.


Needs to get out more
I have a spot like that (where the 3rd row once was) next to my fridge, I like to use it to store jackets and such....things that can be crammed in there and are generally misshapen-

I am really liking the AT Drawers more and more...


Dave Druck [KI6LBB]
Right on guys, we love ours and there's always something cool and everytime i try to get rid of it.. i can't bring myself to do it. - again.

If you need any ideas on mods, what works and what doesn't , or what's a waste of money and time or weight, give me a call... i think there's only a couple aftermarket items i don't have installed on ours ;) I highly recommend George's LEDS right off the bat.

Anyhow, its a beauty and needs some Arizona pin striping for some character :D

ThomD, i have an aux tank and CA doesn't have to know. The only problem is when you smog the rig is that you need to fill both tanks so when they pressurize the system it acts as one and doesn't try to fill for days. Also, it's good to know the smog official because i have a dual filler neck with a plunger valve from down under and that's definitely a red flag on the visual.