Expeditions West: FZJ80 Land Cruiser


We all know the 80 series and LCs in general are world class and arguably the greatest expedition vehicles here in North America, You folks have a direct voice and opportunity to really influence Toyota and our after market vendors into really capturing their fair share during this whole expo explosion. Could you imagine what it would be like if our 80 series had just half of the after market and R&D as JKs? The average Joe does not have half the money for a 2012 Rubicon and 15k worth of mods to add on (I don't any ways). The 80 series is a vehicle that the average Joe can afford and in time gradually modify, we are looking forward to your real world reviews, updates, PM, and mods... just like the old Tacoma. Thank you and keep the days dreaming. :)


Looks like those are both made by LRA (Long Range Automotive) from Australia.

If memory serves, The main tank is 44 Gal and the Aux tank is 24 Gal. I have those both and they are the exact same size. It's definitely a 6-8 hour job and a lot of sweat to get installed.