Expeditions 7: Two Years Around the World on all Seven Continents.

Scott Brady

^Awesome pictures, Scott. And great that you got to meet Harry, and especially wounded warriors. That is awesome!

Hey, in that landscape picture in the distance, I think I see a global warming... oops, cross that out... climate change research boat stuck in the ice?! Bummer.
Yeah, that storm hit the day after we left. The required us to leave over 48 hours early to miss that double cyclone event.


Hey Scott, I've been out of the Expo loop awhile and just spent some time reviewing the thread. Outstanding stuff. Congrats to the whole team. Antarctica has always been a dream of mine, seeing you pull it off encourages me a great deal and only confirms that is has to stay on my list.

If you want some local company in the Rub Al Khali, let me know.



Need a change of pace? No 4x4 adventure here. We can hunt some wild pigs though. You can walk through the mud and jungle to 2500 feet. See the island like no others.

I should have tailored my life more towards the adventures you take.

Scott Brady

Working through some of the navigation files from our crossing, I compiled the track and overlaid onto Google Earth. It gives a cool perspective of the trans-continental. Nearly 6,000 kilometers round trip.


Scott Brady

A recap of the recent video teasers assembled by Greg's team in SLC. Great work by Bruce, Sinuhe and Clay. Fantastic memories.

North America

Europe, segment one

Russia and crossing Asia

Australia (Oceania)


Thanks again to Greg for making these fun videos a reality!


can't wait for tv show or DVD; Broome is a great place; got to take a little road trip there and drive along the coast. Hope to see more later of their trip there.