Expeditions 7: Two Years Around the World on all Seven Continents.

Scott Brady

Another shot of Greg's Land Cruiser, climbing up from the continental coast line (ice shelf) back onto the glacier.

We were also fortunate to spend several days with Walking with the Wounded, an organization that supports wounded soldiers with opportunities for adventure. It was a pleasure to meet these heroes and camp/travel with them for a bit. Their travels also corresponded with ours, so our stay overlapped in Novo and on the plane ride home. We had several conversations with Prince Harry, who turned out to be a genuine and hard working guy. He loaded trucks and pulled the sleds just like the rest of them and there was no apparent special treatment. In fact, when we helped transport a bunch of the teams closer to the South Pole, Harry (and his teammate Conrad Dickinson) were without a tent. We gladly loaned them my Nemo Moki. . . ;)


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Just spent more than the past hour catching up on this adventure. I especially appreciate the quality of the videos on the E7 site. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Apologies if I missed this previously but is there some place we can buy E7 decals for our aspirational rigs so we can support you as we live vicariously through you?



Did you address him as "Prince" or just "Harry"?

I like to see people in his type of position act "normal" It helps restore my faith in humanity.

And...you guys are crazy to go to Antarctica:Wow1:

What supplies did you bring that were indispensable and what was not needed?

Scott Brady

Did you address him as "Prince" or just "Harry"?

What supplies did you bring that were indispensable and what was not needed?
I just called him Harry. He seemed to like that.

We are working on a top 10 for each continent. Products and people that really made the difference. It will also include stuff that didn't work so well. . .


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^Awesome pictures, Scott. And great that you got to meet Harry, and especially wounded warriors. That is awesome!

Hey, in that landscape picture in the distance, I think I see a global warming... oops, cross that out... climate change research boat stuck in the ice?! Bummer.