Expeditions 7: Two Years Around the World on all Seven Continents.


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Looks like information about the trip is scattered around several sites, none of which is complete or up to date. That's unfortunate, as many ExPo readers would like to follow the trip more closely than the quarterly updates planned for Overland Journal.

The official Expeditions 7 web site was last updated April 12. It doesn't look like the web site admins have any plans to show the team's progress or current location.

The Expedition Portal front page has one update. Comments here require a Facebook login, for reasons that are unclear.

Expedition Portal has a Facebook page, and there are photos here that don't appear elsewhere. Access requires a Facebook account.

The Expedition Portal forums has the thread you're reading.

Profitts Cruisers has four pages of blog entries describing the trip from the lower 48 to the official starting point of the Expeditions 7 tour.

Sporadic Twitter posts (aka tweets) from the Expeditions 7 team can be found here

I found a placeholder page on Facebook, but no current info there.

I'm sure there are more places around the Web where more information can be found about Expeditions 7. Post up if you find one.

Ray Hyland

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The challenge is that the team is still on the road. Web and cell access is sporadic. We have been posting when we can, with whatever device we have handy. We have a lot of members who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and those sites are easy to post to from a phone, so a lot of pics have been going there when we only have a few minutes to post.

The best images are being captured in the in-truck storage systems, and at the end of each stage we will aggregate all the imagery from the various sources, as well as the in-truck storage of images, and post them into this thread.

So while information may not hit this thread as fast as some other places (we will try to correct that), this thread will have the most comprehensive coverage.



Michael Slade

Holy crap, can't you guys be a little patient with the team? I mean hell, if all they did was update the website from their expedition they wouldn't be actually DOING any 'expeditioning'. Updating a website, editing images, generating text, this all takes TIME...of which there is precious little to be had at the end of a long day on the road.

If you absolutely have to be as up-to-date as you possibly can, get a Facebook account and quit'cher'**************'.

Ray Hyland

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Here we go. Basic iphone pics for now. Better shots when the trucks are back.

The mass of batteries that need to be charged each night. This is in a camp/hotel in Prudhoe. On the camping nights this happens from the truck's power.

The new Canon C300s we are filming with. Beautiful cameras to work with.

Depart dock.jpg
Departing from the Dock at Haines Alaska

Downtown Skagway. What a cool town.

Ray Hyland

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A few more from the phone.

Scott Manley Road.jpg
Scott on the Manley Road (Yes, it is called that).

Arctic Circle.jpg
The trucks at the Arctic Circle

yukon bridge.jpg
Bridge over the Yukon River

Yukon Riverboat.jpg
Riverboat pulled up on the shore for the winter

yukon river.jpg
The view from the bridge

Ray Scott Manley.jpg
Ray and Scott by a frozen river near Manley

Manley Riverside.jpg
Truck by the river

manley road.jpg
View driving down the Manley Road

Ray Roadside.jpg
Ray on the road


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Well done with the updates so far and thanks for sharing. Two years is a long time when you are sitting at home reading about the future adventure on your screen but behind the wheel that time will go by fast. I've got two questions:

1-Any more info on the vehicles besides what was posted on the Proffit's blog: "For the expedition, the team has selected two VDJ78 V8 turbo-diesel Toyota Land Cruisers because of their legendary toughness and reliability. These trucks are a ‘best of breed’ for overland expeditions,” said Greg Miller, the team’s lead driver." Edit: Read about the vehicles on your website (http://expeditions7.com) :sombrero:

2-What year do you plan on landing in Australia (2012 or 2013)? The Canning Stock Route is on my wish list so you may have another cruiser join the trek!

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Or maybe there is an intentional delay so people don't know exactly where they are at every given moment? It might not be a huge risk where they are at now, but eventually they will be in spots where they probably won't want everyone to know exactly where they are.


Can you guys shed some light on the costs involved? I assume sponsors are footing the bill? The purchase and outfitting of the vehicles would probably blow most people's budget. Did Toyota donate the vehicles? Do you have a map of the route? sorry if I missed that somewhere. Where do you outline the special equipment added to the vehicles? Looking forward to the updates.


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Thanks, Ray. I agree that the best update system is simple and quick, so the team isn't distracted from other tasks. I think Twitter is ideal. That Delorme gadget (the Delorme InReach) lets one post to Twitter via satelite if out of cell phone range. The important thing from my perspective is to identify one place to go for the latest info. If that's this thread on ExPo, so much the better.


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DiscoTDI, the Expeditions 7 web site has a map of the planned route. http://expeditions7.com/route/

I expect that the vehicle preparations will be revealed in detail in Overland Journal articles. We'll probably get some info on the day to day expenses while on the road. I doubt we'll hear much about funding or sponsorship, or deals for books or video production from the trip.


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Fantastic! I am really looking forward to following your adventures. Thanks for showing us the world.