Expedition trailers in bear country advice


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I know it sounds goofy but has anyone investigated using a battery electric fence charger?
"Erecting an electric fence around your campsite is recommended, though not required. If you do not use a bear fence, tents should be placed in a line to allow bears to pass through." is from:

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Had a friend that had his remote cabin repeatedly damaged by bears and he installed a solar unit, end of intrusions. Certainly not for all applications but works for some.
Hi all - how do people back country camp in expedition trailer (with stoves, fridges, food, scented stuff etc. inside their trailers) in bear country? What precautions do you take? Or is the trailer (e.g. Boreas, SoCal, type tear drops etc.) considered a hard-sided vehicle enough that you don't worry?

Context for my question - we live in bear country (grizzly and black), and as a family of 4 (two young kiddos) we've been exploring ways to get out to the places we used to go before kids. In the before-kid-days, we'd just practice standard bear safety of bear bagging / containering the attractants, setting a cook site away from our sleeping area.

The teardrop trailer + RTT seems like a great option for the way we like to camp, and where we want to go with the kids.... except for the fact that all those bear attractants are in our sleeping container and we're cooking right outside.

So, any thoughts or advice you have is greatly appreciated as we plan ahead.... my kids are scared enough of fake monsters, don't need them encountering a hungry grizz at midnight in an RTT to add to the nightmare list!

Hello. What trailers are you considering? How tall is your garage? I thru down on a stand up trailer for camping in bear country reasons.


Hello. What trailers are you considering? How tall is your garage? I thru down on a stand up trailer for camping in bear country reasons.
We ended up getting a new-to-us FSR trailer with their High Country RTT at a good price and convenient pickup location... so nothing like I was originally asking about haha.

Our logic is that we likely won't be going to super - bear - infested spots while the kids are this young, andthis setup will buy time for prices to drop down and for us to be 100% sure what we want.

Weve been out a few times in the new trailer... 4 of us plus a 70lb hound fit and stay warm. It's DEFINITELY still camping...feels like our tent with a better floor and warmer walls....but we can keep all our camping stuff in the trailer and be ready to go really quickly, which is like 85% of our barrier to getting out these days.


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In addition to locking up food and garbage I spray ammonia around the doors of the truck and the trailer. Bears don't like the smell.


I haven’t had a Bear problem and I don’t know if it really works or not, but it seems to. My brother in law loves the shows like “life above the Arctic”, think that’s the name. Anyways, on one of the shows, there is a lady who lives up by Inuvik and had bear problems, she started pouring bleach out by her trash and the bears quit coming around. Anyways that is what I do now when in bear county, I pour it in spots around the camp.