Expedition trailer that doubles as a enclosed cargo trailer/camper


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Are there any companies making such a thing? I know I can buy an enclosed cargo trailer and customize it...plenty of threads on this. I'm wondering if there are companies already doing this and specializing in it. I need a trailer that while in transit could haul 10-15 mountain bikes inside, but then when parked I could use as a camper type setup once bikes were unloaded.


look at toy haulers or race trailers....many companies make them with pop out bunks like a pop up trailer...and power/water already installed...

Flying Brick

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Check out Microlite campers. Might not be exactly what you are looking for. I have one and love it. All aluminum, rear ramp door, and fits a queen bed when empty.

Curtis in Texas

I have a question:

You say you want to haul 10 to 15 mountain bikes, and want to be able to sleep inside.
Are you wanting to sleep 10 to 15 people inside when stopped also?

If so you are going to need a Large Cargo Trailer!
My 17' cargo trailer can transport 15 bicycles no problem. But we can only sleep 4 adult bodies on cots inside comfortably.

A car hauler would be wider and sleep more, or drop down hammock bed off the wall would add more. But still not 10 to 15.
Maybe a 35 foot race car hauler. But then you have to ask yourself how $serious are you going to use this $ trailer.

As far as companies set up to manufacture an Expedition Grade trailer with those requirements you're not going to find many.
If money is no object, then contract one to be build one to your specs.
Or build your own.

Are you thinking indoor plumbing, kitchen and showers?
If so I'd start looking at toy haulers.

And Expedition Grade? Maybe try the Gall Brothers in Australia.
Bring lots of money.

Carl, when I was racing cross country bicycles, some years ago, we had a trailer we slept inside, but our bicycles were secured on roof racks for transporting. IIRC we could load 12 up there no problem. But only 4 slept inside on cots and the others slept in tents outside.
We set up an outside toilet tent for the group. (Or usee State/ Federal Camping Facilities when available) Everyone's camping gear was transported inside the trailer between campground stops.
It worked well for us.

Nowadays they make tank-less hot water heaters that could add outside tent shower capabilities easy.


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Colorado Trailer seems to be the closest to what I'm looking for, but would probably want something slightly larger. I'm not wanting to store bikes outside of the trailer for security reasons. Looking to stay between $6,000 and $10,000 all in.


They have a brand new Colorado trailer here in ok for sale for under $5k. Maybe call them and see if they would build you something a bit bigger, but same style. I really liked the one I saw.(not in person, but a bunch of online pics)