Expedition TrailBlazer Project


As everyone else has said, great work! Extremely well though-out, designed, and constructed mods.

Just a random thought regarding the on-board water. Since you also have on-board air, would it be possible to regulate a line off your storage tank down to pressurize the water tank? It is obviously not a pressure vessel, so you'd want to be careful about putting to much pressure into it, but seems you could produce something very similar to a garden sprayer (for herbicides, etc) that would not require a pump; just a valve at the point of use. If you got an adjustable regulator, you could easily adjust the flow by dialing the pressure up or down.

These trailblazers have really piqued my interest lately. Seems like they are a great value. The "big names" in the off-road world seem to demand such a premium on the used market. The TB's don't necessarily have a huge aftermarket, but I kinda like the idea of designing a building my own stuff anyway, so it's no biggie.

Great thought, and yes, I think that regulating the pressure down would be possible. All you're really looking for is to overcome the pressure head between the tank water line and the nozzle elevation. It only takes ~.43 psi to raise water 1 foot, so it wouldn't require much. I considered doing this a while back, but have since abandoned my old on-board water system. It was nice for our big trip we took, but we haven't been taking trips like that lately. If we were to do another trip like that, I would probably try to locate a water tank under the rear of the cargo deck instead of in the rear passenger footwell - as it had been located previously. I also started to get concerned about the cleanliness of the tank and tubing I had, since it was difficult to clean. Recently I've just converted to bottled water for shorter trips.

The trailblazers are a good value for a pretty reliable vehicle. The biggest downside is definitely the aftermarket support, and the limitation of the IFS, but its more than enough for moderately difficult dirt track and a comfortable highway vehicle.

I haven't really changed anything on this truck in a while. Its pretty good as it sits, plus its taken a bit of a back seat to my drone hobby lately. I figure in a few years I might decide to chop up the back and try to turn it into a crew cab pickup of some sort, but that probably won't happen anytime soon.


Beautiful rig! Love everything you've done with it so far
One of my wheeling buddies drives a tb and it consistently surprises us off road


I purchased mine through Kennesaw Mountain / TAG (Tactical Armor Group) / whatever their new name is now. I had a local fabricator heavily modify it. You're better off getting a kit from MDB.