Expedition Portal is testing the new 700HP RAM TRX

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Raptor Apologist.
Lots of neat features on this truck and I'm genuinely excited to see one myself. I believe that its the first real factory competition (RamRunner isn't factory and the Reaper was a joke) from any of the big 3 truck companies. The ram air looks awesome and Matt is ABSOLUTELY right regarding the silt and sand. I wonder if there is a prefilter element that can pop in the front of that, if not I'm sure the aftermarket will come up with something. The air vents are neat too, I thought they would be more direct for brake cooling; I'm not 100 percent sure the purpose, and while only a minor concern, I would think that during turns that the tires could kick up sand through the rear vent... maybe. They absolutely did the right thing by making the steps rock sliders as well, I can tell you the Raptor steps are plenty sturdy but rock sliders they are not.

I'm excited to see how Ram and Ford push each other in the upcoming "desert truck" war. I think Ford has already been pushed a bit as now the GEN3 Raptor is confirmed to have rear coil springs, though that could have been a concurrent development. I wonder how the engines stack up and if this pushes Ford to put a V8 back in the Raptor; Of course rumours of that have been swirling since... 2015? but they all come from gossipy auto enthusiast sites with little basis in truth. I know for a fact that within Ford the 3.5EB is still considered their flagship engine, and the Raptor is considered one of their flagship vehicles. Perhaps a special edition with the 7.3L? We will see...

All that being said, that truck is going to face the same [mostly BS] criticism that Raptors have seen when it comes to overlanding. I think this will be a hit, and will be a prime moving for Instagram influencers for sure.