Expedition Overland 2013 Tacoma Build

Clay, I know you guys said you were really concerned about axle breakage when you guys were stuck, especially being stuck in that sandy sediment mud that acts like a vacuum; but the standard process for mud is wheel spin to clear the treads from obstructions. Why did you move so slowly and get yourself stuck?
Looks like they were high centered. I think the all terrains wouldn't clear very well.

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In the rear with the gear
Anyone know where these are? I'd love to watch them again.
They took them down. I hit them up on Facebook about them and was told that they were removed since some of the information was going to be added to the new series. Some of it actually has so far. I love watching the show and I hope they are at Overland this year.

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Noticed your site says new site coming today with the new episode. Looking forward to it. Great stuff to watch during these nasty winter storms. :snorkel:


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^this!! Since I've been snowed in I've watched all the videos and really got caught up in it. Awaiting episode 7, y'all are very inspiring! I hope to do something like this when i get outta college, i can't even imagine how much planning went into this though.


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Looks like they were high centered. I think the all terrains wouldn't clear very well.
Hey, Everyone here is the background scenario that wasnt caught on camera in regards to the stuck landcruiser in EP6. We were traveling along and the cruiser stopped at the top of the hill to watch the Xterra and tacoma go through that portion of the "dip". The tacoma being significantly lighter and only the second vehicle to pass did so over the semi crusted surface without any struggle, wheel spin, etc.. When the cruiser (significantly heavier by like 3k lbs with trailer) approached it casually it made it up the short distance before wheel spin did occur, breaking apart what dry surface was there and immediately stirred up a soupy mess. As you can see in the film the maxtrax are pushed down and the mud is like jello. this is from the permafrost melting in the summer. Its a very common scenario in the far northern regions to have this sort of condition in summer. Anyway, had we known this was the condition more speed would have been the trick. The Mud terrain tire "fix" would of helped only if we hammered it and only then we possibly would have moved forward (my experience is that the General AT2 have the advantage in the mud over the BFG all terrains when comparing apples to apples.).Weight is the issue here not tires. Caution is the name of the game when you have a show to film, are 150 miles from a parts store, and have 5,000 miles to go. Further down the trail it became a swamp and going any-further down that trail at that time would have been reckless in my opinion. Spinning mud tires and throwing mud and digging huge ruts is also not responsible (practically happened anyway just getting it out and having the other vehicles come back through. A Controlled recovery was the best and most ethical choice. I am very happy with how we went about this.


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Wouldn't you like to know why? Unfortunately I share funkymonkey's sentiment. The first season felt like a real introspective adventure series. The current season seems more like a Survivor/Big Brother reality series.

Another thing that I found concerning in this episode specifically was that you were willing to break up your team to chase your own personal goal. The discussion wasn't about "does everyone want to go to Prudhoe Bay?" It was "I'm going to Prudhoe Bay, if people want to come that's fine but I'm going either way." That was a tense scene and an example of poor leadership/teamwork. You are definitely lucky to have people on your team who are so supportive even when they don't seem to have the ability to change your mind.

Even with all that said - I watch the shows for the trucks and the scenery. Both are spectacular. I'll usually turn on some Sigur Ros or Explosions in the Sky and just watch the episodes for the visuals.

Recommended books for Overlanding

So after watching the last episode and you had said you forgot to fill up on gas at the last stop. But knew your mileage limit and had enough distance in the truck left. What gas mileage did you guys experience through the trip? What was/is your range with the tacoma and aux fuel size tank? I'm getting more and more motivated and excited for my next Tacoma to show up in my driveway. I feel Nekkid without mine!



You mentioned that the tires havent been a problem on the Tacoma. Do you feel like these General AT2 tires have been the right compromise for the trip between needing grip in varuous surfaces and the long miles traveled? Or would something closer to a mud terrain have been better?