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Infinita Highway

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Hello guys,

We are a couple of Brazilian architects who left the crazy routine of the
city of Rio de Janeiro for a long OVERLAND trip throughout the CONTINENTS OF

We started on Feb. 13, 2011, travelling in a Brazilian car called Troller
(Troller was bought by ford in 2007) toward the city of Ushuaia at the
southern tip of South America.

From there we travelled north to Prudhoe Bay in northern Alaska. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguai, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, EUA, Canada.

We currently have eight months of travel under our belts, and have visited ten countries. A total of 60.000km. To come will be more or less 34.000km and ten other countries to visit.

We would like to share our long journey with the Overland Community. Through
our website you can get more information about us and some photos and videos
of the places we have come through.

Our website is:


Our gallery can also be seen on flickr!


and this is our youtube channel:

TheInfinitaHighway's Channel

Thank you!

Leo and Dani

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Infinita Highway

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Hello, we're a little late with the forum because it is sometimes difficult to reconcile the travel and time ...

Around here it's okay, we are in Baja California Sur - Mexico and we love this place, although it is winter here the heat is always present.
There are many attractions here in Cabo San Lucas, water activities, land and air.

Today we did a tour to see whales, it was fantastic!

Mexico has been a very safe country, contrary to what they say the news on television and I think we have a great passage here, the Mexicans are very hospitable.

We have news on the site, check it out!


New pictures on flickr!


And our second part of canada!

Hugs to all!

Leo and Dani

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