Expedition & Camp Chairs "New Technology"


I have been looking for a very compact and comfortable camp chair that takes up very little room in the vehicle. I have (2) folding chairs that I bought at Cablea's a few years ago that are very nice but take up a lot of room. I have to strap them to the roof rack because they take up so much space.

I remembered Vince had bought a couple of camp chairs a while ago called "PICO" chairs that fold up the size of a small brief case. I really liked those but the price is way more then a I wanted to spend on just one chair. I think they go for around $120.00 a piece.

So, I've been continuing my search for the best compact comfortable chair I can find. I went to Bass Pro today and found a "NEW" camp chair that is made by the same company that makes the "PICO" chair. It's called the "Xpress Lounger".

I like this even better because it doesn’t use "Plastic" where the legs come together, it's all metal. It folds out to a VERY comfortable captains chair.

The chair it self in it's folded dim are 17"x2"x16" it will hold upto 250lbs. It comes with a media pocket and beverage holder.

The best thing is it's ONLY $39.95 a piece! I bought (2) to keep in the vehicle at all times. Anyways, I thought I would pass this information to all of you that are like me on saving space and having a very comfortable chair. Here is a link to the company's web site and Bass Pro's if you want to order one or two. :wings:

Xpress Loungerâ„¢ Xpress Telescoping Technology - GCI Outdoor

I checked Bass Pro, I don't think they have updated their web site yet. But you can call your local store or order it from them online. :)

These are nice for size, but I don't find them to be as comfortable as a standard Coleman lounge/camp chair.

I'm glad to hear that you found what you're looking for though, sometimes that's the hardest part. :victory: