Expedition Bike? Not really, it's just WTHIJ's TW200.


James this is one of the most complete and easy understandable write-ups on a small simple bike I have ever found, after reading and taking a trip to our local Yamaha to see a TW200 in person than after siting on a new 2016 left over I knew with your updates this would be a great bike for our travels as a hitch mount bike on our van. The hunt started two months ago on Craigslist for a used bike as the dealer was talking over $5,000 for the 2016! There was a few in the $3k range and than I saw a great looking 2006 with just over 1,400 miles called may a deal over the phone called back in the morning before leaving to pick it up and the guy sold it from under me!

I started looking a little further out in three other states, Ohio, Ind and Ill, a great one 2006 right here in Michigan with less than 300 miles by the guy was a bit of a jerk, but than a 2013 showed up in South Bend In with 520 miles and an easy to deal with owner! I ended up making a fast 277 mile trip paying 2k and getting a great bike!

I-Dub 1st 006.JPG

Just a simple stock bike weight 281 pounds and sure enough never been touched!

Your write up led to the racks from Cycle Racks, placements of reflectors on headlight bezel as shown in your write, but I chose to add bar risers instead of new bars at 2" and some custom made oversize foot pegs but followed you to the seat kit from Seat Concepts, the bike came out great and with the hitch carrier at under 3k what a deal!

Thanks again for the complete write-up and leading me to a great light weight bike!

I-Dub 1st 025.JPGI-Dub 1st 029.JPGI-Dub 1st 036.JPGI-Dub 1st 038.JPGI-Dub 1st 030.JPGI-Dub 1st 011.JPG

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I just tried to locate all the parts to install a kick start. I was told they are discontinued and most of the parts are no longer available. Does anyone know if this is true. Guess I waited too long to do it...


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I have a '91 TW 200 I bought in 2000 with 5600 miles or at least that's when the speedo cable broke and I ride it a couple thousand miles a year off road. I share my time with two DRZ 400's (SM and E), a stock '82 Goldwing Interstate and of course my 2003 100th Anniversary Harley Lowrider. What's the most fun...you guessed it. I love them all and ride them whenever I can but if I can only have one (Heaven forbid)...guess which that would be...yip the T Dub.


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Windscreen! Whatz up with that Tdub 7 years later?

Just bought the parts for the kicker for my TW. I heard the kick lever has been discontined by Yamaha? Wanted to get the parts before unattainium.
I made my own. I modeled it after the Jimbo shield and have several others hanging out. If anyone is interested let me know. It was a learning process but after figuring it out it was pretty easy so I made a few extra.