Everybody has one “opinion on lifts”


As mentioned before we are looking for our next and hopefully last Jeep project so the idea is to go quality and stout. At our age the rock crawling is long behind and a remote walk out due to a breakdown is not an option.

Think built to take on any forest service two track regardless of condition. Mild 2” lift, front/rear lockers XJ Jeep
This is where all the opinions come in, what lift manufacturer would you consider “BULLETPROOF”?

Been partial to OME in the past but also not afraid of a hybrid like, OME with Bilsteins.
Also what source do you have the most confidence in? Not too fond of Rocky Road.


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Terraflex or AEV. Both extremely well engineered and tested, with high quality manufacturing. Search Terraflex videos on YouTube, there’s a few put out by the company itself that show the how why and what (results) of their product.


I believe you are on the right track, in your way of thinking. I did a 1.25'' body lift on my '05 LJR. Needed to make clearance for a tummy tuck, which I am still finalizing. Also I replaced the gas tank skid, with a higher clearance unit. Factory LJR's have a terrible breakover angle, which I have now improved on. All that being said, it will pretty much go anywhere I am looking to wander!
Still no suspension lift. If I decide on one, I am thinking OME as well.


Didn’t see where AEV built any XJ stuff. Teraflex does not post a lift package for an XJ but has some stout looking parts like control arms that I may need down the road.

Another way of thinking is with 31’s and F/R lockers it should go anywhere we want to go. Don’t plan to mount a winch due to weight and cost but also think about the false sense of security it brings along. If we go somewhere we might need it we shouldn’t be in there.


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Ok, I am an AEV fan boy and have had 2 of their lifts on jk's a 2.5 and 3.5. that said there are many lifts more capable. I would look at Metal Cloak as one of my first choices altho they are going to be a bit taller than 2".

I do not believe AEV sells any more tj lifts.


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OME and bilstein hybrid 3" lift on 31" A/T tires is my plan. The 3" lift will come from coil spacers and new shackles. OME springs have amazing ride quality and when paired with bilsteins made for a 3" lift will make you and your spine happy. the reason for 31" tires is because you wont have to change your gear ratio (from stock 29" tire size) and it is better for clearances. I'd also recomend picking up some new control arms and ubolts. I think TJ control arms will accommodate for the 3" lift.
Of course with a 2" you won't have to buy control arms, and you get to have the OME shocks. you are on the right track. what do you plan on doing for sleep?


Voodoo Ranger is headed right where we want go. This will probably be our last Jeep as we are approaching retirement. The plan is to tow the Jeep behind our RV and use the Jeep for day excursions in the northwest so sleeping out will be minimal and probably a ground tent on the occasion that we do. This is also the reasons for “overbuild” and a 2-3 lift max. My wife’s climbing “up” into a 4x4 days are over.


I had junkyard lifts that both achieved 2" and rode well. ZJ Upcountry coils for the front and 1st time - S10 main leaf bastard pack for the rear 2nd time - XJ extra XJ main leaf w/ MJ shackles. They work great if you are really look for cost savings.

All that said, if I get another XJ it will get the OME treatment w/ F/R Truetracs. The OME lift w/ 31 will be plenty capable, add in those lockers you mentioned and you will be able to go most places you want.


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I've had a Metalcloak 2.5" Overland Elite lift on my JKUR for the past year and recently added the control arms to make it a Gamechanger lift. It has taken me everywhere and been reliable with no repairs needed. The nice thing about their Duroflex bushings in their control arms is that they are user rebuild-able. Easy to do too. I don't have any experience with any other manufacturers lift kits so I have nothing that I can compare them to. But I have been really happy with my lift and their customer service has been second to none. Made in America too.



I have found in the past that when it comes to lifts, especially hybrid types, customer service is huge. How many times have we heard the story about one sides coil is lower(sags) than the other. Company says send it back and we’ll make a determination. Meanwhile you only have 3 corners operable.


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Ive had good luck with Clayton offroad for XJ lift. bilsteins or rancho shocks, if you want real top quality look at king shocks but they might be overkill for your application.


Have OME on one of my two wranglers and have always loved the ride quality. You just can't beat it.