Everlanders Build - F550 Composite Overlander

Next, we installed the Honeycomb Composite panels, I can not recommend any manufactures, sorry.

All mating surfaces were scuffed, primed with Sika 206 and then bonded using SikaFlex 252.

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We used small strips of a stiff rubber gasket material with 2 sided adhesive to act as a 1mm spacer so that when the butterfly rivets were installed it did not press all the adhesive out. Here Kara is poping rivets like a mad person...

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The rivets are not needed for the structure, but they are the perfect clamp to hold the aluminum tight to the panels as the Sika cures.

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I installed the absolute brightest, most densely populated LED strips inside of 45-degree aluminum extrusions with nice diffusers so I could see what I was doing as I added the last of the panels.

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The videos for this stage is here:

Are you unhappy with your panel supplier? Knowing who can supply the clad honeycomb panels would be a big help on my project.


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Yah would think so I am starting the research phase and need to find good vendors.

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How do you mount cabinets to the composite walls .

Really curious about the interior finish out.

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Great thread ! Have been subscribed on YT and liking the videos for some time ! Thank you very much for sharing ! You folks have really done something wonderful :D


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Thanks! I drew a bulk of the CAD myself, although I had help from several ME friends who work in the industry. I did get ahold of the CAD model from Ford, but it was 8 gigs and when opened it brought my high-end system to it's knees. So I just used the body panels you can see there and omitted most everything else. But as you can see, the Ford Model is very detailed:

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What CAD program do you use?

How did you get the file form Ford?


Would be cool to see a video on the air conditioner. Real world usage/draw on battery bank would be helpful as I know AC is a big issue for alot of folks.

Also how is the unit holding up being located outside and uncovered? Also how's it taking the abuse from off-road/bumpy road conditions.


Hi there, have watched most videos ,very inspiring, was wondering interior height of cabover? And happy with it?


Was specifically interested in sleeping area height, curious as to what's acceptable to some?
Think they have 5" foam and a froli system. He's a big guy.


Jayson, did you use the 207 primes ? And was it the 100ml size and how far did it go ?
Thanks, Randy

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