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Another question on the Alu-boxes: Can anyone give a hard number on how much height the Goose Gear top plate adds to the overall? I have a hard limit to fit boxes under my rear bunk boards, and even 1/4" too tall makes it a no-go solution. Unfortunately the ABA60 is very close to the limit as-is, and the ABA42 is too big a step down in volume.
The Goose Gear top plate will be lower than then cast corners, no additional height will be added. Hopefully that keeps you under height!

Let me know if I can assist further.



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Bringing this thread back from the dead.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Just wanted to share an event we have going on this weekend at our shop in SLC, UT.

We will be hosting an Overland Swap Meet/Yard Sale from 9am-1pm on Saturday, Nov. 6th.

Paul has accumulated numerous piles of returns, exchanges, factory seconds and even parts from his own vehicles through the years and we've finally convinced him to let it all go. In addition to the products we will be selling, folks are invited to bring their own unwanted gear to sell or trade. Set up your own booth and try to clear out those old parts that have been in the garage collecting dust!

We will have the following products available from 10-60% off retail pricing.

Battery Systems
Fridge slides
Alubox mounts
Shower systems
Roof top tents
Rack Accessories

All items are sold as is. No warranty. This is a local sale only, we will not be shipping these parts.

Take a look at the video below for details, hope to see you there!



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In other exciting news! We have just launched the new divider system for Aluboxes, see details and videos below!


The solution you've been waiting for is finally here! Take your AluBox Aluminum Case and organize it however you see fit with the new RuumX Internal Divider System from AluBox. Whether you're crafting a kitchen kit or protecting your camera equipment, this system is designed for endless possibilities. Take a look and have fun organizing to your heart's content.



Follow the link below for more details on our website.

Please call or email with questions.




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Thanksgiving deals are live!

Head over to the site for additional details and pricing.