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Hello everyone,

I have a Montero 2002 that had a blown head gasket and was spewing out white smoke. I put it up for sale in a few places and got a couple of interested party’s but as the week went on I kinda talked myself into keeping it and having a go at rebuilding it myself, I figured the worst that can happen is I learn some new skills and have to scrap the vehicle if it all goes badly.

well over the course of a Couple of months I tore it down and rebuilt it. I had originally planned to just do the head gasket but since I was all the way down to the block I went ahead and did the valve seals, cam seals, replaced the lash adjusters, timing belt and water pump , fuel rail seals, spark plugs and wires and new style crank bolt. I think that was everything.

I still have a couple more things to address but other than that it sounds quiet and smooth and there is a certain kind of pleasure driving it around now.

The total cost was around $800-$900 but that includes some new tools also.
here‘s some pics of the tear down

oh and I hate that crossover pipe at the back of the engine what a pain that was.


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Next on the list is
steering gator
all Fluids top up or flush
changing exhaust back box to a slimmer style that won’t hang down as much
spacers for the wheels
new air box since the tabs on this one go brittle
new front shocks
rear spoiler since mine didn’t come with one and I think it looks a lot better with one.
move AC controls
Eventually under armor


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LOL, when I first started mine, it caught, then raced up to 11 million RPM before I could shut it down. Took another week to figure out that I had hooked up a vacuum line to the cruise control solenoid. Doh!


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The best is the first start, when it actually starts up. Little too much anxiety for me.
There was a little moment but I did turn the engine over with the ratchet a fair few times to make sure nothing was going to crunch.
In my day job I have had to power up some crazy expensive equipment that if I got it wrong i would likely be unemployed lol so this wasn’t too bad.

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