Electrify the Wrangler? Well, yeah...why the heck not!


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The full electric's are great urban vehicles. Long distance with four people in it with the A/C on driving through LA traffic on the way to Santa Barbara would be hairy. If you make it to Santa Barbara and check in,where do you go for a 4 hr full recharge?
I don't know what the break even point would be with the Honda Insight over it's gas equivalent the Accord. Great looking car and impressive mpg. We had an Accord in the past but it was tough to get in and out of especially parked next to the curb for the passenger. I wish they would make a boxier model. I'm spoiled by our '05 Honda Pilot and my truck.


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Yeah but a CVT is the opposite of driving electric. Many people hate a CVT. I also hate the classical automatics.
But when driving electric, it jist goes directly when you press it. The fast response and the predictability is what pretty much everybody likes about driving electric, once they actually tried it.
My point is that an e-Wrangler will feel dramatically different from how an ICE Wrangler feels. I think that's an important marketing consideration for a customer pool that includes people that lost their minds over curved windshields and square headlights.

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The 2020 Honda insight looks like a combination of a Chrysler 200 and a Tesla Model S 😂

Since I've never driven one or read anything about it, I have no opinion on anything other than the outward appearance.
I think it looks like any late model sedan. It doesn't scream HYBRID! like the some, especially the 4th gen Prius.
That's what I thought. Looks like it fits in with the Honda design language used on the Civic & Accord to me? 🤷‍♂️


Aerodynamics are important above 50mph but around town aerodynamics are not a big factor. I'd love a pure electric Samuri, no need for adjustable suspension or expensive headlights. I absolutely hate the lack of ground clearance in all of todays electric cars. And forget about all the ridiculous communications technology. Just put an electric motor and some batteries into this....
and smaller tires.

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Back in the 80s, there was a company called Jet Industries, that imported Subaru Sambar vans and converted them to electric. Mostly sold for fleet use to utility companies, factories, etc. If all driving was low speed, the range was actually pretty good. About 15 years ago when I still lived in Colorado, there was an old guy with one of those vans who worked at the local walmart. He worked in the tire center, would plug the van in when he got to work, and unplug when he went home, told me he never had to pay for fuel to commute and nobody at the store hassled him about plugging it in.