Electrical Puzzle 2019 F350


I ordered the Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera with my 2019 F350 but I only want a camera on my Hallmark camper for now, no trailer, but the entire assembly has over 30 feet of wiring harness included. Can I (or an electronics technician) make a harness/repin a connector, so that the Ford factory trailer camera will plug into the tailgate camera-connector under the bed, using a short harness? I want the 360° view and lines for backing up to appear on the factory dash monitor when reverse is engaged.
The Trailer Tow wire colors and connectors do not match the tailgate connectors but if I can find a technician to make a custom harness then a harness could be run directly from the camera to the tailgate connectors and everything work, possibly, or maybe just not the 360° feature.

I could remove and use the camera from the tailgate but that would eliminate easy tailgate reinstallation functionality. Still, maybe the easiest choice.
An aftermarket camera might tie in so that the lines for backing up appear on the factory dash monitor when reverse is engaged, but that’s unknown.

Any special knowledge here?


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I am going to guess it can be done. You will need to know the pin out configuration of the two harnesses. You will likely have better luck contacting Ford and the camera manufacturer and possibly a Ford forum to get this info then come back here to get help finding the connectors needed. I would guess digi-key as a good resource.