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First of its kind Electric Rokon. The stock Rokon is an amazing, go-anywhere vehicle/tractor. The Rokon is an excellent, low-impact, get you where you want to go vehicle, and now we are making it much better. No toxic gasoline. No engine, exhaust, heat, or noise. No trouble starting in heat or cold. It is a match made in heaven that can help you get anywhere on earth. 4500.00 includes 48 volts in new lead acid batteries in the saddle bag configuration. For 6400.00 you can get the ultimate setup with the lithium battery package that includes a 48 volt lithium battery pack with balancing circuitry and smart charger. This is by far the better option. The lithium battery pack weighs about 25% of the lead acid battery pack. It also has a life many times that of the lead acid.
Either setup will give you up to 4 plus hrs of go-time between charges. This would be a great gift for that special person or for one that has everything (almost).
This is amazing and it can be yours. I am only selling it to help finance and develop this conversion process..
I would consider a donor Rokon as partial trade. It does not need to be running but should be in good condition.
Thanks. Text or call to make arrangements or ask questions.

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